Configure Push Notifications for MFA

Configure Push Notifications for MFA

You can use a custom app built using the Guardian SDKs for iOS or Android that relies on vendor-specific push notification services.


  1. Create an SNS Platform Application using AWS Management console and note it’s ARN.

  2. Create an AWS Access Key ID authorized to create Platform Application endpoints. Guardian automatically creates a Platform Application endpoint with an appropriate device token as part of a successful enrollment.

Configure push notification receipt

To receive push notifications from Guardian, it's necessary to override Guardian's default SNS settings.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Security > Multi-factor Auth and click on Push via Auth0 Guardian. Click the toggle if it is not yet enabled.

  2. Click the down-arrow next to Use a Custom App. The settings page expands.

  3. Under Amazon SNS Configuration, enter your AWS Access Key ID and ARN from the AWS Management Console.

    Auth0 Dashboard Security Multifactor Auth Push via Auth0 Guardian Use a Custom App

    Field Description
    AWS Access Key ID Your AWS Access Key ID.
    AWS Secret Access Key Your AWS Secret Access Key.
    AWS Region Your AWS application's region.
    APNS ARN The Amazon Resource Name for your Apple Push Notification Service.
    FCM ARN The Amazon Resource Name for your Firebase Cloud Messaging Service.

  4. Click Enable.

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