Troubleshooting with HAR files

Sometimes during development the authentication flow doesn't work as expected.

The fastest way to identify the underlying issue is to export a HAR file from Google Chrome Dev Tools. An HTTP Archive (HAR) format file, is a JSON formatted log file of all web browser interactions with web servers.

Generating a HAR file:

  1. Close all incognito windows from Google Chrome.
  2. Open a new incognito tab on Google Chrome.
  3. Open Google Chrome Developers Tools on the new Incognito Window and click the Network Tab. Make sure you check the Preserve Log options to record all interactions.
  4. Proceed with the navigation that presents issues.
  5. When complete, go back to the Network tab, right click and then select Save as HAR with Content: Google Dev Tools
  6. Before sending the HAR file to us, make sure to obfuscate any sensitive information using a text editor (such as remove passwords, client secrets, and so on).
  7. Send the file to support by opening a support ticket