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Update Metadata Properties with the Management API

You can update a user's metadata properties by making a PATCH call to the Update a user endpoint.

Assuming you created a user with the following metadata values:

To update user_metadata and add the user's home address as a second-level property:

You would make the following PATCH call:

The user's profile will now appear as follows:

When you send a PATCH call in which you have set a property's value to null (for example, {user_metadata: {color: null}}), Auth0 deletes the property/value from the database. Also, patching the metadata itself with an empty object removes the metadata completely (see Deleting).

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Merge properties

Only properties at the root level are merged into the object. All lower-level properties will be replaced.

For example, to add a user's work address as an additional inner property, you would have to include the complete contents of the addresses property. Since the addresses object is a root-level property, it will be merged into the final JSON object representing the user, but its sub-properties will not.

Therefore, the corresponding PATCH call to the API would be:

Delete properties

Patching the metadata with an empty object removes the metadata completely. For example, sending this body removes everything in app_metadata:

Similarly, this clears out user_metadata:

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