Metadata Field Name Rules

The following sections cover rules and guidelines for setting the names of your metadata fields.

Avoid periods and ellipses

Metadata field names must not contain a dot. For example, use of the following field name would return a Bad Request (400) error:

One way of handling this limitation is to nest attributes:

Alternately, you can use any delimiter that is not . or $.

However, the usage of the . delimiter is acceptable in the data values such as in the below example:

Avoid dynamic field names

Do not use dynamic field names. For example, instead of using the following structure:

Use this:

Field restrictions

The following fields may not be stored in the app_metadata field:

  • blocked
  • clientID
  • created_at
  • email
  • email_verified
  • global_client_id
  • globalClientID
  • identities
  • lastIP
  • lastLogin
  • metadata
  • user_id
  • loginsCount

Metadata size limits

Currently, Auth0 limits the total size of your user metadata to 16 MB. However, when using Rules and/or the Management Dashboard, your metadata limits may be lower.

When setting the user_metadata field with the Authentication API Signup endpoint, your metadata is limited to a maximum of 10 fields and 500 characters per field. The 500 character limit includes the name of the field.

When setting the user_metadata field using the Authentication API's Signup endpoint, you are limited to a maximum of 10 String fields and 500 characters.

Metadata and custom databases

If you are using a custom database, the app_metadata field should be referred to as metadata in the scripts you run to manage your metadata.

For example, you would not use this:

Instead, you would use this:

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