Bringing the Digital Subscriber Closer to You

Build a 360-degree view of the corporate and consumer subscriber and personalize both content and ad placements

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Get Closer to the Subscriber:

Relevance begins with knowing your subscriber, and that starts at login. With the growing influence of social media on Millennials subscribers, publishers and media brands are increasingly leveraging first-party data from social logins to enhance the user experience, influence social conversations around recommendations and content discovery; and leverage rich user profiles to deliver personalized content and ads.

Let’s Get Social
Streamline the registration process with social logins and enable a one-click user experience to significantly increase conversion rates.

Make Social Data Work For You
Social login simplifies registration, but when combined with Auth0’s rules feature, it delivers unlimited flexibility providing the deepest insights about the customer’s preferences.

Progressive Profiling
86% of users say overly long forms make them quit on registrations, and reducing form fields from 11 to 4 increases conversion rates by 120%. So, progressively profile your customers at key digital touchpoints and slowly build out the customer’s profile over time.

The Single View of the Subscriber

Consolidate authentication across all your digital properties and build a single view of the digital subscriber. In today’s omnichannel world and with the rise of programmatic ad buying, the single view will not only enable you to create a compelling case for your premium ad inventory, but it will also support you in curating the right content for your target audience segments.

True Omnichannel Experience
Enable a single sign-on experience across all your brands and use Auth0 as a single source of truth for all your digital identities.

Link Multiple Social Accounts
Auth0’s account linking feature enables you to link multiple social identities. Build a richer profile based on first-party identity data and enhances social engagement at all levels.

Centralized Identity Management
Auth0 delivers a flexible user store directory model. You can host your directory in the highly secure Auth0 server, use your existing directory or migrate users to the Auth0 database without requiring a password reset.

Personalize to be Relevant:

How many times have we “skipped” or ignored irrelevant ads for products or services that we simply don’t need? Relevance begins with social logins but ends with personalization. Making ads more relevant- especially contextually relevant- can go a long way in converting impressions to customers. Finally, with the right DMP integrations, you can segment the audience segments efficiently and serve the most relevant content and ads in real time.

First-Party Data
Personalization is all about knowing your customer and this starts with First-Party data. With Auth0, you can source and consolidate First-Party data from several channels during the registration process and leverage this data for better segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Marketing Integrations
Leverage actionable data for personalized targeting and growth. Customized integrations with marketing platforms and advertising networks allow for better-targeted campaigns and in-app advertisements.

Advanced Analytics for Audience Segmentation:
Content is becoming more curated and when analytics is done right, you can find the right audience segments for that content or even create “instant” audiences for new shows and products.

Streamline Enterprise Subscriptions

Your corporate clients demand Federation, and with Federation, you can simplify the onboarding process for group subscriptions. Federation can be a long, drawn-out process to get right for just one customer. Auth0 creates truly “turnkey” enterprise federation that is scalable for multiple customers at one time, saving weeks and even months with minimal effort.

Frictionless Federation
Federate with ease and simplify onboarding and offboarding partner companies using industry-leading protocols. Further, do this at scale by setting up as many Active Directory, PingFederate, LDAP, or even a custom SAML-P providers for as many users as needed.

Single Sign-On
Integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) for both partners and internal employees from the get-go. SSO authentication gives your users a seamless experience as they navigate through your internal and third party applications.

Open Standards:
From the start, Auth0 has been built on battle-tested identity standards including OpenID Connect, OAuth, LDAP, SAML, and JSON Web Tokens (JWTs).

Rapid Implementation with SDKs:
The speed of implementation is crucial, and Auth0 was built from the ground-up to be “developer-centric.” With full blown SDKs, live documentation and seamless Github integration, Auth0 empowers you to achieve your authentication goals with minimal effort.

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