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Is It Time to Re-evaluate your IAM Solution?

Find out if it's time to move from a DIY to a modern identity management solution.

Why re-evaluate your identity management solution?

An organization that has the right identity management solution can help engineering and IT teams regain productivity, drive innovation and revenue, while reducing costs. For the end user, a better login experience with robust security increases customer adoption. Find out based on your identity management use case:

B2B – You want to provide federated identity management to another business (e.g Trello allowing another business to log into Trello with their enterprise credentials).

B2C – You want to provide social authentication to your customers through Facebook, Google, or other social media identity providers.

B2E – You want to provide single sign-on to your own employees.

All Use Cases

  • You need a standards-based solution, such as OpenID Connect, SAML, WS-Federation, and/or OAuth.
  • You have users that authenticate with various identity providers but lack a way to link their accounts.
  • You have applications on different domains and require users to log in separately for each.
  • Your best developers spend their time building and maintaining identity management and authentication instead of building core business applications.
  • Your company has experienced any type of data breach or you are concerned with a data breach.
  • You’re being asked for industry certifications that you haven’t considered/addressed.


  • Your customers are asking to use their enterprise credentials to log in to your product.You need to support Enterprise Federation with many types of identity providers, such as Active Directory, in addition to a username/password option.
  • You can’t delegate user management to your customer’s help desk.


  • Your main source of user data comes from directly asking users on forms or surveys. Being able to easily extract third party data about your users would help you better understand your customers and drive more revenue through upsells and targeted marketing.
  • If you sell to consumers, you don’t offer an easy 1-click signup option through social identity providers.
  • You’ve faced performance concerns as you increased your user base.


  • You need to manage different authorization and access levels for your employees.
  • You need to be able to provision and deprovision users easily when employees join or leave your company.

Try Auth0 Free

  • A standards-based out of the box solution. Host Auth0’s solution anywhere.
  • We’ve vetted our solution through the most stringent certification and audit processes available today.
  • A team of experts constantly monitoring for any vulnerabilities that are uncovered.
  • Rules and extensions allow you to implement any type of custom authorization control you might need.
  • Anomaly detection to protect against fraudulent activity like brute force attacks
  • Multi-Factor authentication with a flip of a switch. No extra code.

Integrate Auth0 with any app or website for free. No credit card required. Copy and paste working code into sample apps provided to see how it works.

Or contact us for a demo of how Auth0 works.

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