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Authenticate and authorize apps and APIs with any identity provider running on any stack any device or cloud.


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Traditional Identity Infrastructure is Obsolete

Identity in modern cloud-hybrid apps and APIs are radically more complex

The Old World

A few core applications running on-premises

The New World

Many specialized applications solving specific use cases

The Old World

Single vendor stack

The New World

Mix and match of best­-of­-breed platforms, languages, and components

The Old World

Web applications or rich client applications

The New World

Web applications, HTML5 single page applications, mobile native apps consuming HTTP APIs

The Old World

Desktop PCs

The New World

Laptops, tablets, phones, and the internet of things

The Old World

Everything is on-premise behind the firewall

The New World

Mix between private cloud, public cloud, and on-premise

Auth0 Makes it Easy

Product attributes that simplify identity for developers, created by experts in security.


No more closed, checkbox-based configuration tools. Auth0 allows you to fully customize any stage of the authentication and authorization pipeline to adapt to new policies, new applications, and new platforms.

Simple APIs

Connecting to a robust, simple and secure HTTPS API is key to allowing seamless integration with other tools and experiences. Auth0 allows you to authenticate and authorize apps and APIs with any identity provider running on any stack on any device or cloud.


It's critical to support multiple identity providers. Auth0 makes it easy for you to give  your users the ability to authenticate with the credentials they are most familiar with. Enterprise, social, or app-specific. Auth0’s widget gives you a fully customizable, enterprise-ready login/registration box with just a few lines of JavaScript.

Standard Protocols

Auth0 supports industry standards such as SAML, OpenID Connect, JSON Web Token, OAuth 2.0, OAuth 1.0a, WS­-Federation and OpenID.


Applications are now built on a broad spectrum of technology stacks. Auth0 provides SDKs for all popular web, mobile and native platforms, allowing for deep integration with the language and stack of your preference.


Visibility into users' activity means better, faster decision-making. Auth0 gives you access to powerful reporting & analytics so you can easily see what’s going on.

Multifactor Authentication

Do you want to provide enhanced security to your mission-critical applications? With Auth0 you can enable Multifactor Authentication in minutes.

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Device Agnostic

Are your users running your app on multiple devices? No problem. User authentication and authorization is managed consistently across the user’s device of choice.

Scalable & Reliable

Authentication is part of the critical path for availability. If users can't login, they can't do anything. Auth0 takes availability seriously. We offer a guaranteed SLA so you don’t have to worry, no matter how big your user base is.

Single Sign On

Let your users log into multiple applications just once by following some simple steps.

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Cloud Hybrid

Auth0 runs on-premises and in the cloud, allowing you to choose which option is right for business.

Social Login

Simplify registrations and logins for end users allowing them to use existing login information from their favorite social network provider.

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"Compared to the costs and resources required to build, host, and secure a custom solution, Auth0 was a sensible choice.”

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