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Identity Puts the "I" in CISO

About this webinar

Formerly, the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) served in a smaller role on the outskirts of the C-Suite - an advisor that didn’t have enough of a seat at the table. But over the past few years, in a digital age where devastating breaches occur on a regular basis, identity management and the role of the CISO have risen dramatically in stature and regard as an integral part of any organization.

While proper identity management can benefit many parts of an enterprise – personalized insights for marketing; better UX for product teams; easier integration for engineering – its ultimate ownership is falling more squarely onto the CISO, who is recognizing identity and authentication as primary priorities for safeguarding user data and securing the company’s fate.

In this webinar, Joan Pepin, CISO of Auth0 and renowned security expert, will discuss the everchanging role of the CISO and how a modern approach to identity is critical in today’s environment. Attendees will learn more about:

  • How to balance user experience and security
  • How identity can be used as a collaborative tool across teams
  • How CISOs can become visionaries and influence the direction of their companies

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