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Using Identity Management to Drive Product Growth

About this webinar

In recent years, Product Managers have become the darlings of the tech industry. According to Hired's 2017 Salary Report, it's now the highest salary position in technology across Australia and the United States. As the critical liaison sitting between engineering and the business, companies are looking to the product team to drive accelerated growth.

But how does a Product Manager really drive growth? Ian McAllister, Director of Airbnb, answered this on Quora. He believes it is the ability to think big, communicate, simplify, prioritise, forecast, execute and understand. Auth0 is seeing their product team customers drive growth through Identity Management initiatives to drive:

  • Personalized user experiences
  • User clustering
  • Ideal users for product feedback interviews

Watch Martin Gontovnikas, VP of Growth and Marketing at Auth0, in this webinar as he discusses specific ways to utilize IAM solutions to drive product growth.

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