Startup in-a-Box Bootcamp

In partnership with Microsoft, NXTP Labs, and Ideame, Auth0 is very proud to have hosted the the Global Windows Azure Bootcmap in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is an event that happened simultanesouly around the globe in 93 cities!

Our theme for the event was: "Startup in-a-box". We wanted to share with the community what we have been using to get our Startup going: our tools, frameworks, and processes that we use daily in our company.

Some numbers

These are some numbers for the day:

  • 40 showed up on Saturday. That's a pretty good turn up of all registered users. Clearly, there's interest, thanks everyone!
  • Everyone stayed till 6pm (that is 9 hours of training on a Saturday!)
  • Very high level of satisfaction: 90% of the attendees rated the event gave at the highest score.
  • 6 presentations and Hands on Labs, covering node.js, mongodb, Windows Azure, Auth0, GitHub and Jenkins
  • 8 organizers (most of them working on startups) to make sure everyone could get their questions answered:

Thanks Microsoft for helping with the logistics: venue and food.

Community reaction

Twitter is often a good sensor of how an event is going:

Some pictures

The Bootcamp content is Open Sourced on GitHub!

The content we delivered on the bootcamp was a mix of 30-minutes presentations, followed by time for practicing the concepts with simple excercises. This content represents what we would have liked to see when we started our companies. It also captures what we've learnt through the last months.

The best content is the one that people actually use and tweak over time. We decided to contribute it to the broader community so it becomes live.

Our Vision

Argentina has a vibrant entrepeneur community. There are two accelerators and lots of startups.

There's quite a bit of content around the "soft" aspects of building a startup. There are many talks available from successful entrepeneurs, investors. There're meetups on marketing and pitch clinics. There's Palermo Valley. But we felt there were fewer opportunities for technical people to connect and share their experiences.

We often hear questions like:

  • What options do I have for storing data?
  • What are the pros/cons of each option?
  • What are common mistakes people make? How do I avoid them?
  • What does your build environment look like?
  • What tools you use?
  • How to tell whan something is hype or real?

Given that last Saturday was such a good experience, we asked ourselves: why not do this more often?

So stay tuned...we'll have more news to share with you soon.