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Private Cloud

Actions Integrations Now Available in Private Cloud

Now, all Auth0 customers - including those on our private cloud platform - have access to all the offerings on the Auth0 Marketplace.

August 11, 2022

Auth0 is excited to announce a newly expanded offering for our new private cloud platform customers - Actions Integrations are now available from the Auth0 Marketplace. What that means is all Auth0 customers that utilize our new private cloud platform have access to all the offerings on the Auth0 Marketplace - SSO, Social Connections, Log Streaming Integrations, and now, Actions Integrations.

Actions Integrations will start to appear in the Development/Staging space now and will be ready in the Production environment in the coming weeks dependent on various release cadences.

What are Actions Integrations and the Auth0 Marketplace, and why should I care?

At Auth0, we realize that many customers have unique needs, and as a result, they want the ability to customize their identity product. In order to serve these additional customer needs, Auth0 built a variety of tools to extend the functionality of identity. This concept is called extensibility.

Auth0 Actions and Actions Integrations is the next generation of extensibility. Actions is the low-code offering, and Actions Integrations allows customers to use pre-written no-code, drag and drop options to add other functionality such as ID proofing and consent management. Auth0 provides this additional functionality through integrations with our Ecosystem partners offered in the Marketplace.

The Auth0 Marketplace and Auth0 Actions are the two complementary ways we extend Auth0. Customers and their end users need the ability to resolve their unique identity requirements — which may include payments, subscription management, signing terms of services, etc. — to complete a successful user access journey into their application or service.

What is Private Cloud?

Auth0’s Private Cloud offering provides the flexibility and agility offered by cloud deployments but also allows a customer to maintain the control and security they need to protect their customers and their businesses. Many customers that have high security and regulatory concerns - those in the financial services industry, for example - may require certain standards of uptimes, updates, failovers, and support for their deployments. The Auth0 Private Cloud deployment models come in both Standard and Managed levels, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Auth0 recently invested in retooling the Private Cloud platform to support more automation, adopt current technologies and help scale the Private Cloud to thousands of environments.

Benefit of Private Cloud and Actions Integrations

Private Cloud has a strong appeal for customers who have high volume or who are from certain verticals. For example, verticals like banking, where shared databases are a concern. Or customers who have data residency requirements or even those who prefer to deploy in a specific region close to their customers. Private Cloud customers do not have to be concerned with sharing space, public cloud request limits, and multiple customer’s data being present in the same deployment.

Many of the same customers that have a need for Private Cloud also have extensive use cases for extensibility and the no-code integrations available in the Auth0 Marketplace. Easy-to-use integrations such as Identity Proofing and Customer Data Management. With Actions Integrations, developers no longer need to build or maintain custom code or make changes when we alter programming models or release new versions of Node. These Actions Integrations are built and maintained by our Ecosystem partners and are available right in the Auth0 Marketplace.

A couple of examples of Actions Integrations available in the Auth0 Marketplace:

  • Deduce Intelligent MFA: Deduce prevents consumer-facing Account Takeover (ATO) and registration fraud via the constantly growing Deduce Identity Network, with over 400M profiles and in excess of 1.2B daily activities. Deduce risk signals significantly reduces false positive MFA challenges.
  • Tealium User Login: Tealium connects customer data - web, mobile, offline, Internet of Things (IoT) - so brands can connect with their customers. Tealium empowers companies to create a unified, real-time customer data infrastructure and makes customer data more valuable, actionable, and secure.

Is this an increased opportunity for Ecosystem Partners?

Now that Private Cloud customers have access to Actions Integrations in the Auth0 Marketplace, our Ecosystem Partners have a new and expanded pool of potential customers to reach through building and publishing Actions Integrations into the Marketplace. There’s never been a better time to become an Ecosystem Partner and market your Actions Integrations through the Auth0 Marketplace.

Make sure to visit the Auth0 Marketplace to see if there is an integration that optimizes your customer’s identity experience. To find out more about becoming a Private Cloud customer, please send an inquiry and someone from Auth0 will contact you about whether it’s a good fit for your business.

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