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Announcing’s Latest Cohort of Strategic Grant Partners Welcomes 4 New Cohort Grant Partners

November 30, 2021

Since committing to the Pledge 1% movement and launching Auth0’s social impact arm,, in fall 2020, we’ve been proud to make over $650,000 in grants to support over 25 community organizations through charitable sponsorships and grants from the SAFE Fund (Secure Access For Everyone) – a charitable fund which supports charities and nonprofits from around the globe that help provide access to education and technology for everyone, in an inclusive way.

Building on the Pledge 1% model, Auth0 is leveraging our financial resources, employee volunteer time, and identity and authentication product to support the important work of our nonprofit community partners. We focus our grantmaking and employee engagement efforts primarily on three key social outcomes:

  1. Closing the Digital Divide to enable underserved communities to get connected and thrive.
  2. Diversifying access and participation in secondary and university STEM education, especially by those most challenged, such as women/girls and students of color.
  3. Diversifying the technology & cybersecurity workforce, especially for women and people of color.

And our employees also choose causes and organizations to support with time and money that are addressing pressing social issues in the communities where we live and work. We leverage workday volunteer hours, employee personal donations, and corporate financial support for many causes including: addressing homlessness, making our parks and family playspaces cleaner, supporting at-risk LGBTQ+ youth, and supporting COVID and disaster relief efforts in the US and internationally – just to name a few.

We are proud to announce our recent cohort of strategic grant partners, who receive substantial unrestricted grant support and volunteer hours from our employees. These amazing changemakers are:

We look forward to investing our passion, time, money, and product in more nonprofit partners in the US and the countries where we live and work. Stay tuned for their announcements.

Thank you to all of our fellow Auzurios and to Auth0’s leadership team whose philanthropic beliefs and commitment to positive social change are the foundation of We are leaning into extending inclusive access to education and technology and addressing pressing needs in the communities where we live and work. And that’s something we can all be truly proud of.

Please join me in congratulating our new cohort and if you have a moment, I highly encourage you to check out these incredible organizations and consider engaging with them through a donation, volunteer time, or through one of the avenues listed below each highlighted charity. Every little bit helps.

Reboot Representation

Auth0 believes in building the community of diverse talent available for us and other tech companies to hire in the years and decades to come. But developing that talent takes time and patience. These promising future tech professionals need to be engaged as early as middle school and supported through high school, college and post secondary training; throughout their careers in our industry. It’s not just about hiring, it’s about developing talent.

We are big fans of our new grant partner Reboot Representation which seeks to double the number of Black, Latina, and Native Women in the technology sector earning computer science degrees by 2025.

The lack of representation carries a major cost for women, companies, and the entire tech sector. Reboot Representation’s mission is to change that by closing the gap for Black, Latina, and Native Women in the technology sector.

Companies with diverse teams, including those with more women, are shown to be more creative, innovative, and ultimately more profitable. We all have the power to change the current landscape. In fact, Reboot Representation provides free tools and resources that can be put into action across organizations that are looking to drive solutions to close the gender gap which are definitely worth checking out.

How You Can Support Reboot Representation

  • Consider supporting Reboot Representation High School and College Grantees
  • Work for equity in tech. There are a number of ways here to make your voice heard and impact felt based on your role
  • Speak to your organization about joining their Tech Coalition
  • Follow them on social media & help spread the word


It is estimated that in today’s economy around 50% of all jobs require some degree of technology and digital skills. However, not all people have the access nor the means to develop these skills.

Access to resources such as internet connectivity expansion, STEM education programs, and tech career pathways can help those who traditionally lack access to such means can change that narrative. They are also factors that as catalysts for driving change, Auth0 cares deeply about and precisely why we are thrilled to back our strategic partner NPower, who is connecting underserved youth and military veterans to the skills needed to succeed in a tech career.

NPower envisions a future where the US technology workforce is diverse, and clear pathways exist for all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic background to succeed in the digital economy.

Their programs create pathways to economic prosperity by launching digital careers for military veterans and young adults from underserved communities. NPower’s work is rewriting the story everyday for hundreds of individuals across the United States.

How You Can Support NPower

For more information on supporting NPower not linked above, please check out their website.

Girls Who Code

If we want our teams in tech that look like our society and bring diverse perspectives to our work, our products, and our customers, we need to support those future tech professionals early on. Our new strategic grant partner Girls Who Code does just that.

GWC offers coding clubs for girls and young women in grades 3 - 12, summer immersion programs for 10th & 12th graders, college programs, and coding at home activities. These are just a few of the many ways that Girls Who Code are teaching girls and young women how to program, but more importantly, how to thrive and lead in the tech workforce.

To date, Girls Who Code has reached 500M people in the U.S. and around the world through diverse and inclusive programs which aim to close the gender gap in tech. They’re making a big impact, but the hard work and mission is never ending, like so many other nonprofit and social impact organizations.

How You Can Support Girls Who Code

Community Integrated Care

At Auth0, fostering inclusivity and diversity is at the heart of all we do our business and our philanthropic endeavors where coupled with education and technology, is our de facto recipe for making a difference that lasts for generations to come.

When we first learned of Community Integrated Care, which provides direct support to people of different physical and mental abilities, age groups, health histories, and personal lifestyles across the UK we knew we had to support the amazing work that they’re doing.

Since 1988, Community Integrated Care has offered often underserved members of our communities social and health care services including: supported employment to supported living, registered or extra care homes, technology-enabled care, and various kinds of local community support. Community Integrated Care’s passion is helping people fulfill their full potential with dignity and respect. We are pleased to provide financial and employee volunteer support to CIC and its wonderful clients across the UK.

How You Can Support Community Integrated Care

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