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Social Impact

Introducing Cost Savings for Nonprofits on All Auth0 Plans

Continuing our Pledge to create SAFEr Social Impact Organizations

Last Updated On: November 11, 2021

As a former business owner, nonprofit board member, developer, and volunteer; I know of one consistent, daunting, universal expenditure all modern organizations face - their tech stack. While some items, such as hardware, have a front-loaded cost that can be justified and managed through a lifetime; taking an uncertain “digital leap” for philanthropic entities can be challenging. Even when it's known and agreed that improvements to legacy systems and tools are needed, or that building something completely custom from the ground up to meet the demands of a digital-first economy is in order, there is always trepidation when it comes to modernization and understandably so.

All these issues are even more challenging for charitable, nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, collectively “SIOs,” or Social Impact Organizations. These organizations are critical to our society but sufficient unrestricted funds, tech expertise and time to upgrade their systems and processes are especially precious commodities.

Digital Is Primal

As evidenced by the existence of social sector industry associations like nten and tagtech that seek to enhance technology capacity building, Social Impact Organizations (SIOs) have recognized the need to modernize their operations. A message we frequently hear from many sources is that younger generations are contributing to a better world as part of their core lifestyle, and SIOs need to “meet their audience where they are at.” What we have learned from these groups and analysts is that 80% of SIOs are smaller organizations that need sustainable, scalable growth - but that growth is dependent on utilizing and creating affordable digital solutions. Knowing this, we feel expanding our product offer to SIOs for all of our products, not just Enterprise plans but now including Self Service plans for small to medium-sized organizations we can support SIOs regardless of organizational size, internal tech expertise or IT budget levels.

Stakeholders expect a secure, quality digital experience from SIOs just as they would from commercial enterprises. We’re committed to creating an offer which helps SIOs satisfy that expectation with minimal cost, installation effort, and ongoing maintenance. We help SIOs secure their stakeholder identities and access so they can focus on what matters: delivering innovative, high-impact services to people most in need in our communities. There is no higher calling for them or for us.

Understanding Your Need as an SIO

Nonprofits and for-profit social enterprises looking to upgrade the experience of their donors, staff, volunteers, and mission-beneficiaries without compromising on security and compliance, should look at the modern, platform-agnostic Customer Identity & Access Management solutions that Auth0 has to offer.

In fact, our products and services were built with the unique needs of nonprofit and social enterprise organizations in mind. Much like our Healthcare and Public Sector clients, we know yours is an industry with stringent trust requirements, and like these other verticals, we know that the ability to rapidly iterate, respond, and evolve has been a constant challenge plaguing everyone in a digital-first economy.

By reducing the hours and specialty skills required to create “a great login experience” (which we better know as identity, access, authentication, and security), application development becomes attainable and affordable for any size organization.

We Want Everyone to Be SAFEr

SAFEr, where do we derive that from? Secure Access For Everyone, but not just anyone.

Auth0 has always offered a free plan to help everyone easily deploy modern identity and security in their websites and applications.

You do not need to have a sophisticated developer on staff to rapidly and simply begin utilizing Auth0.

We provide resources, documentation, SDKs, and plugins that support developers and non-developers alike deploy better security no matter if it’s a small website or an enterprise application. Everyone. SAFEr. This applies to SIOs, too.

Enterprise Cost Savings

In addition to our free plan, unique cost savings are available on all Enterprise and Self Service plans for Social Impact customers. We established a resilient organization and funding structure,, to make sure this discount is sustainable and attainable for the long-term.

For Auth0 Enterprise Plans eligible1 nonprofits receive a:

Complimentary Design & Discovery sessions for Enterprise Plans are available.

The Big Announcement - Our Newest Offer - Self Service!

Social Impact Organizations can rapidly become SAFEr Social Impact Organizations with a whopping 50% cost-savings on our new Essentials and Professional Self-Service Plans.

And with our free trial, no payment is required to start building today.

Not sure which plan may be right for you? Check out our compare plans feature on our pricing page or, contact us.

1: Final approval for an organization to receive either cost-savings discount will be made at Auth0’s sole discretion. To see if your organization is eligible, please review our eligibility guide and validate through our third party validation partner.
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