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Auth0 Launches Organizations, Transforming the Way Enterprises Manage Business Customer Identity

Enhanced identity management for builders and providers of B2B SaaS applications enables faster implementation and best-in-class security, branding, and administration

April 26, 2021

BELLEVUE, Wash. – April 26, 2021 – The Auth0 Identity Platform, a product unit within Okta, today announced the launch of Organizations, a purpose-built feature enabling providers of B2B SaaS applications to seamlessly manage their business customers—a use case Auth0 defines as Business Customer Identity. Organizations is Auth0’s enhanced way for enterprise app teams to manage customers and partners in any multi-tenant, B2B, or SaaS application. With Organizations, B2B implementations are less complex, enabling faster speed-to-market and a better overall experience for business customers and partners.

Business Customer Identity remains largely unaddressed by today’s Workforce Identity and Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) solutions, forcing those who build and deliver B2B SaaS applications to cobble together features to address their unique use case. This requires significant customized configuration leading to high ongoing maintenance and configuration costs, slower time to market, and more difficult use case expansion and new app development.


Business apps are not just used by individuals but by teams and entire companies, all of which need easy and secure onboarding, flexible membership provisioning, access control, and SSO setup. Convenience for B2B users is also increasingly in demand, prompting enterprises to provide similar seamless experiences to business partners as they do for consumers. Auth0 Organizations solves all of these issues and more, offering customizable identity management of any business customer or partner.

Key benefits of Auth0 Organizations include:

  • Simple Business Customer Onboarding: Auth0’s APIs and SDKs can easily model entire business organizations, and rapidly-implemented admin dashboards manage SSO, Role-Based Access Control, and flexible user management workflows.
  • Custom-Branded Federations: The ability to customize the login experience with branded login and registration flows ensures that business customers feel at home.
  • Faster, Easier Deployment: Less complex implementations shorten time to market, and integrations are accelerated as new products are built or acquired.
  • Identity Engineering & Maintenance Costs Reduction: Engineering resources can shift to work on core product innovation instead of focusing on complex identity issues.

“We were initially looking for a platform solely to handle SSO for our enterprise customers. Organizations is a great fit and offers enough flexibility to replace authentication for our 300+ non-enterprise customers, too,” said Steven Easton, Lead Engineer at Amiqus. “We’ve been really impressed with how powerful Auth0 is and yet have barely scratched the surface. We are excited to roll out Organizations as an improvement to our business customers’ experience and value how easy Auth0 makes it to do so.”

“We see Business Customer Identity as a standalone use case, one that our customers have increasingly been confronted with and had trouble fully addressing—until now,” said Shiv Ramji, Chief Product Officer at Auth0. “B2B identity management represents a sizable portion of our business and is consistently growing, demonstrating the need that Business Customer Identity addresses. We are thrilled to launch Auth0 Organizations as our next-generation offering for easy onboarding, authentication, and administration of business customers.”

More information can be found at Auth0 Organizations.

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