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Become an Ecosystem Partner

Build an Actions Integration and connect with Auth0 customers

April 21, 2022

Why Should You Become an Ecosystem Partner?

Whether you’re a developer of a newly launched solution, or part of a larger, enterprise-level organization, you want to get your product in front of potential customers. Therefore, developing and growing your reach through an Extensibility Ecosystem strategy is a vital part of any organization’s overall strategy.

At Auth0, we consider extensibility to be one of our essential product capabilities. While our endless options for integrations are an excellent way to customize your own unique solution, it can be difficult and time-consuming for our customers to figure out how to implement them.

Enter the Auth0 Marketplace.

We built the Marketplace as a way to connect our customers with service providers and builders who implement these types of integrations regularly. Listing your integration with Auth0 promotes your company with our customers who are looking to do more with their authentication pipeline.


What is an Ecosystem Partner?

More and more SasS companies are offering developer customers the flexibility and capability to stay within their own ecosystem as much as possible in order to find solutions that fit their own and their customers’ needs. A rich and diverse catalog of integrations can give developers all the low and no-code capabilities they need to build out their own customer journey.

Auth0 provides an authentication and authorization service built on open standards like OIDC, OAuth2, SAML, and others. But, more than that, we provide tools so our customers can outsource user centralization and management alongside components of application security, and we also help connect networks of applications to a single source of identity.

An important part of this is enabling partners, such as yourself, to create an ecosystem of integrations that can be used to enhance and extend what we already provide. We do this by providing extensibility points and methods to allow customization. This means more functionality for customers with less maintenance burden for them.

Almost 90% of our customers extend the Auth0 platform for their unique requirements. By working with you to solve common identity problems and use cases, we can expedite the time it takes our customers to implement their identity workflows.

Joining Auth0 as an ecosystem partner by building and marketing your Action Integration has some very important opportunities to take advantage of.


Audience Reach

Auth0 has more than 90k active tenants in production. Some customers have multiple tenants, and some only have one, but this is a large reach of potential customers for your Action Integration. Once your Action Integration is in the Marketplace, customers will have the opportunity to discover, consider, and install your integration into their customer identification flow.


Once you’ve successfully published your Action Integration into the Marketplace, take the next step to expand your reach through GTM initiatives. While we encourage you to drive some GTM initiatives on your own, we also have many opportunities for you to market your integration with us. From blogs and newsletters to demand generation and webinar programs, we have multiple opportunities to help you market your integration.

Early to market

The earlier you create your Action Integration and are published to the Marketplace, the better chance you have of creating your own virtuous cycle of early adopters of your integration, marketing your case study, and growing your customers through the ecosystem.

Take advantage of Actions technology

Auth0’s new universal extensibility toolset - Actions - is the latest advancement on our commitment to delivering best-in-class extensibility to developers. Developers can take advantage of the easy-to-use interface, drag and drop functionality, version control, a serverless environment, pre-production testing, and debugging.

How Do You Start?

If you want to learn more about becoming an ecosystem partner and building an Action Integration, visit Integrate with Auth0 to learn more. Here are the main steps you’ll take on your journey to becoming a partner:

Develop a Use Case for a Customer Need

Some of the considerations you should make when developing a use case for your integration are:

  • What does your service do, and how will this help our end customer? (ex. low conversion rates caused by interrupted security measures like MFA, spam signups and content submission, too much or unhelpful log data).
  • Do you target specific industries and customer types? (ex. B2C, B2B)

Some of the most popular categories are:

  • Identity proofing where customers need to prove they are who they claim to be
  • Multi-Factor Authentication, where customers are required to use more than one step to prove their identity
  • Consent Management that asks, records, and stores a customer’s approval or denial to use their information.


There are dozens of other use cases and perhaps many we haven’t thought of. If you’ve got a great solution that fits into the identity flow, let us know.

Start building your Action Integration

Get build support once you have created your solution use case. There are step-by-step instructions on how to develop your Action Integration. As your start building, you can get support from our comprehensive documentation, blogs, and forums. Live developer support is available for certain build scenarios.

Get published in the Auth0 Marketplace

Once your code has been tested and gone through the QA process, you are ready to deploy your Action Integration to the Auth0 Marketplace. Your integration will not only be discoverable in the Marketplace but easily found and installed from the developer dashboard.

Go To Market Opportunities

Now it’s time to find some customers and get them to install your Action Integration. Auth0 will partner with you on a Go-to-Market plan through newsletter, direct email, and social media marketing, as well as drive customers to webinars and demo content. Your success is our success.

There are more details and information at Integrate with Auth0, so check it out to find out how to become an Auth0 ecosystem partner.

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