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Google I/O 2018 Summary - Day 3

Check out our summary of the Google I/O Conference 2018, Day 3.

May 11, 2018

The final day of Google I/O 18 consisted of a few talks including Node.js, Serverless deployment, Tensorflow, Android Security, etc.

Let's get started.

Deploying Serverless Node.js microservices

Myles Borins and Steren Giannini gave a talk on Deploying Serverless Node.js microservices.

They announced that in a couple of weeks, Node.js will start running on Google AppEngine. Developers would be able to deploy a Node.js app easily to Google Cloud.

The Node.js app would simply have an app.yaml file that specifies the runtime. And then the developer can run gcloud app deploy. That's it!

TensorFlow without a PhD

This talk gave techniques about deep reinforcement learning with TensorFlow. There was a demo of a pong game driven by Neural network. There was also a demo of an animation character that learned how to move and jump via machine learning exposed by TensorFlow.

Check out the demo below:

The tools for the demo include:

  • TensorFlow for the models
  • Google ML engine for the training
  • Tensorboard Visualization Kit

Search Friendly JavaScript-powered Websites

Several tips for building search-friendly JavaScript-powered websites were given in this talk.

  • Add a robot.txt to the top level domain of your site which specifies the URLs to crawl and not to.
  • Use good URLs such as rather than fragmented URLs such as
  • Use consistent URLs for the same page.
  • Add the critical metadata such as canonical links, viewport, title and description of each page, etc.
  • Use href elements when linking between pages. Don't use non-semantic elements such as <div onclick=goTo('/contact')></div> if you don't have to!

Tools such as Puppeteer and Rendertron were recommnended for dynamic rendering.

Note: The rendering of JavaScript-powered websites in Google search is deferred until Googlebot has resources available to process that content.

Watch all the talks from Day 1 at the Google Developers Youtube Channel.

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It's been an amazing three days of awesomeness. A lot of talks and announcements. A lot of new kits for developers to build amazing products with. I'm stoked for all the great things that will be rolled out in the coming months. The future is A.I!

"The future is A.I!"


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