Connecting WS-Federation Providers with Auth0

To create a connection for a WS-Federation Identity Provider (such as Azure ACS/AD or IdentityServer) use the ADFS connection type when creating your new connection.

To configure this connection, navigate to Dashboard > Connections > Enterprise and select the ADFS.

Enterprise Connections

Click Create New Connection and enter the following information:

  • Connection Name - A descriptive name for the connection
  • Email Domains - (Optional) A comma-separated list of valid domains. Only needed if you want to use the Lock login widget.

Next, you must either provide the URL for your WS-Federation server in the ADFS URL field or upload a Federation Metadata file.

If you configure the connection with a WS-Federation server URL, Auth0 will retrieve the Federation Metadata endpoint and import the required parameters, certificates, and URLs. You must make sure that the URL is publicly accessible and the SSL certificate on your ADFS installation is valid.

New Connection

Click Save.

Next you will see a list of your registered applications with the option to enable the new connection for any of them.

That's it! You are now ready to test and start using your connection.