Using Passwordless on iOS

This feature is disabled by default for new tenants as of 8 June 2017. If you would like this feature enabled, please contact support to discuss your use case and prevent the possibility of introducing security vulnerabilities. Please see Client Grant Types for more information.

Passwordless connections in Auth0 allow users to login without the need to remember a password.

This improves the user experience, especially on mobile applications, since users will only need an email address, phone number or fingerprint to register for your application.

Without passwords, your application will not need to implement a password-reset procedure and users avoid the insecure practice of using the same password for many purposes.

In addition, the credential used for authentication is automatically validated since the user just entered it at sign-up.


These connections use an authentication channel like SMS, e-mail or Touch ID . Each of these channels can be configured in the dashboard under Connections > Passwordless.

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