Install the AD LDAP Connector on different platforms

NOTE: On most platforms, you will need to run the following steps as root (e.g. sudo su).

  1. Install Git.

  2. Install Node.js.

  3. Install npm.

  4. Use the GitHub repository to download the package to /tmp:

  5. Expand the package and install dependencies:

    mkdir /opt/auth0-adldap
    tar -xzf /tmp/adldap.tar.gz -C /opt/auth0-adldap --strip-components=1
    cd /opt/auth0-adldap
    npm install
  6. Edit the config.json file to add the following


    When you then start the connector server node server.js, this line will be read, the password hashed, and the line changed to "LDAP_BIND_CREDENTIALS":"hashed password"

  7. Run node server.js and follow the steps to finish the process. Insert the full token URL from the Setup AD/LDAP connector screen when prompted for "token number".

  8. You will be asked to edit the config.json configuration file. If you're using LDAP, see: Modifying the Connector Settings.

  9. Once the connector is running, you will need to daemonize the connector using a tool like upstart, systemd, init.d, etc.