Install the AD/LDAP Connector on Non-Microsoft Platforms

This document covers how to install the AD/LDAP Connector on non-Microsoft Platforms.

Prior to installing the AD/LDAP Connector, please ensure that you have already installed Git, Node.js, and npm.

For most platforms, you will need to run the required commands with root privileges.

  1. Download the package to /tmp:

  2. Expand the package and install its dependencies:

  3. Start your server.

    When prompted for the ticket number, enter the full ticket URL from the Settings tab of the Setup AD/LDAP connector screen in the Auth0 Management Dashboard:

  4. You will be prompted to edit the config.json configuration file with your LDAP connection and authentication details:

    If you're using LDAP, refer to the Modifying the Connector Settings page.

  5. Run node server.js once more to start the Connector. Note that the LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD line in config.json changes to LDAP_BIND_CREDENTIALS at this point.

  6. Once the Connector is running, you will need to daemonize the Connector (if you don't already have a tool selected, you can consider upstart or systemd). For example, for using systemd with Ubuntu Xenial, the file /lib/systemd/system/auth0-adldap.service could contain the following:

  1. Run node admin/server.js to access the admin UI -- the admin UI will be running and available on http://localhost:8357.

If you get an Invalid Ticket message when configuring the Connector for the first time, the most likely cause is a network issue (for example, you have the Connector running behind a proxy). Try troubleshooting by connecting to with a browser other than Internet Explorer.