Install the AD/LDAP Connector on Non-Microsoft Platforms

This document covers how to install the AD/LDAP Connector on non-Microsoft Platforms.


Prior to installing the AD/LDAP Connector, please ensure that you have already installed Git, Node.js, and npm.

Note: For most platforms, you will need to run the required commands with root privileges.

  1. Download the package to /tmp:

  2. Expand the package and install its dependencies:

    > mkdir /opt/auth0-adldap
    > tar -xzf /tmp/adldap.tar.gz -C /opt/auth0-adldap --strip-components=1
    > cd /opt/auth0-adldap
    > npm install
  3. Start your server:

    > node server.js

    When prompted for the ticket number, enter the full ticket URL from the Settings tab of the Setup AD/LDAP connector screen in the Auth0 Management Dashboard:

    > Please enter the ticket number:
  4. You will be prompted to edit the config.json configuration file with your LDAP connection and authentication details:

    "LDAP_BASE": "dc=YOURDOMAIN,dc=com",

    If you're using LDAP, refer to the Modifying the Connector Settings page.

  5. Run node server.js once more to start the Connector. Note that the LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD line in config.json changes to LDAP_BIND_CREDENTIALS at this point.

  6. Once the Connector is running, you will need to daemonize the Connector (if you don't already have a tool selected, you can consider upstart or systemd).


  • If you get an Invalid Ticket message when configuring the Connector for the first time, the most likely cause is a network issue (for example, you have the Connector running behind a proxy). Try troubleshooting by connecting to with a browser other than Internet Explorer.