Auth0 integrates with Active Directory/LDAP through an AD/LDAP Connector installed on your network.

The AD/LDAP Connector acts as a bridge between your Active Directory service and the Auth0. This is necessary, since AD typically runs and is accessible to your internal network, while Auth0 is a cloud service (and therefore running in a different context from your AD service).

The Connector supports authentication based on the following:


  • All connections from the Connector to the Auth0 Server are outbound only, so you do not need to make any changes to your firewall.
  • By default, an AD/LDAP Connection caches user profiles and credentials to ensure optimal uptime and performance (Auth0 stores a hash of the user's password). You can disable credential caching at the connections level.
  • For high availability and load balancing, you can install multiple instances of the AD/LDAP Connector.