Configure Akamai as Reverse Proxy

Availability varies by Auth0 plan and login method

Both your specific login implementation and your Auth0 plan or custom agreement affect whether this feature is available. To learn more, read Pricing.

To set up an Akamai product as a reverse proxy, complete the following:

  1. Verify the ownership of your custom domain. To learn more, read Verify Ownership.

  2. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Custom Domains to gather the distribution, origin custom header, origin hostname, and default cache behavior settings. Then, use this information to update your Akamai custom domain settings to point to the reverse proxy server domain. To learn more, read Configure reserve proxy.

  3. Update the custom domain client IP header using the Management API PATCH  /api/v2/custom-domains/{id} endpoint as below:

    "custom_client_ip_header": "true-client-ip" 

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    To learn more, read Update custom domain configuration.

For details on how to configure Akamai as a reverse proxy using the information above, refer to Akamai documentation or customer support.

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