Configure Azure Communication Services as External SMTP Email Provider

Before you start

  • Configure your tenant to send emails from Auth0 to your SMTP provider.

  1. Open ports and allow inbound traffic from your Auth0 to Azure Communications Services.

  2. Navigate to Dashboard > Branding > Email Provider.

  3. Update the list of IPs. To learn more, read Auth0 IP Addresses for Allow Lists

Auth0 allows you to configure your own SMTP email provider so you can more completely manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your email communications. Auth0's built-in email infrastructure should be used for testing emails only.

Configure Azure Communication Services

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Azure account.

  2. Create a Communication Services resource if you do not have one.

  3. Enter "Communication Services" in the search bar.

  4. Select Create.

  5. Under the Tools settings, select Keys. Retrieve your Communication Services Connection String.

  6. Under Primary Key, copy the Connection string value.

    1. A valid connection string follows the format endpoint={commuication services url};accesskey={access key}.

  7. With the Connection string value, navigate to Auth0 Dashboard > Branding > Email Provider.

  8. Select the Use my own email provider.

  9. Select Azure Communication Services.

  10. Complete the configuration:

    1. Enter a From email address

    2. Add the Azure Communication Services Connection string.

    3. Select Save.

Send a test email

Send a test email using the Send Test Email button. If you have configured everything correctly, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you do not receive an email after a few minutes, please check your Auth0 logs for error codes. The Communication Services Metrics Monitor page will now display delivery insights for all emails that have been sent to your users.