Configure Custom External SMTP Email Provider

Configure Custom External SMTP Email Provider

Auth0 allows you to configure your own SMTP email provider so you can more completely manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your email communications. Auth0's built-in email infrastructure should be used for testing emails only.


Configure custom SMTP server

  1. Navigate to Auth0 Dashboard > Branding > Email Provider.

  2. Activate the Use my own email provider toggle.

  3. Click the SMTP logo.

  4. Provide a From email address, then enter your SMTP server Host, Port, Username, and Password. Common ports include 25 and 587. Please avoid using port 25 if you can because many providers have limitations on this port.

    Auth0 Branding Email Provider SMTP Provider Settings
  5. Click Save.

Test email

You can now send a test email using the Send Test Email button. If you have configured everything correctly, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email after a few minutes, please check your Auth0 logs for any failures.

SMTP makes it easy to set up test services that allow you to test that your setup is working without spamming your users. To learn more, see Set Up Test SMTP Servers.

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