Deprecations and Migrations

We are actively migrating customers to new behaviors for all deprecations listed below. Please review these carefully to ensure you've taken any necessary steps to avoid service disruption. You can also search tenant logs for any errors caused by using deprecated features. To learn more, read Search Logs for Deprecation Errors.

If you have any questions, visit the Community or create a ticket in our Support Center. To learn more, you can also read Migration Process.

Management API Transition: Updating Roles Assignment to Require Create Scope

Deprecated: March 7, 2024

End of life: September 10, 2024

Auth0 by Okta is updating the Management API scopes for the User-Roles endpoint (POST /api/v2/users/{id}/roles) to represent their intended permissions. Currently, roles can be assigned to users with read:roles scope via the Management API. This capability is being deprecated, and role updates will require the create:role_members scope.

Update Applications that use Cross-Origin Authentication

Deprecated: April 25, 2024

End of life: October 10, 2024

New applications created in Auth0 will have cross-origin authentication disabled by default. Calls to some Management API endpoints (Get Clients, Get Client by ID) will need to be modified to use cross_origin_authentication.

Rules and Hooks Deprecations

Deprecated: May 16, 2023

End of life: November 18, 2024 (note the longer-than-standard migration window of 18 months) 

Over the course of the next 18 months, we will be winding down support for Rules and Hooks in our products and navigating all customers to use Auth0 Actions as the main place for customization and extensibility. Rules and Hooks will continue to receive full maintenance support until end of life; however, no new functionality will be introduced.

If you are currently using Rules and/or Hooks, please make plans to migrate to Actions prior to the EOL date of November 18, 2024. Please see the resources below to aid in your migration planning.

Beginning on October 16, 2023, Rules and Hooks functionality will not be present in newly-created tenants. Any tenants created before this date will continue to have access to Rules and Hooks until the EOL date of November 18, 2024.

We recommend that you start building new extensibility use cases in Actions and, if you are able, start migrating your existing Rules and Hooks to Actions. To help aid you in your migration, please review the below documents:

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