Integrate with MaxMind minFraud

Integrate with MaxMind minFraud

To assess the risk profile of a user before authenticating them, you may want to integrate with MaxMind minFraud services, a risk-based authentication solution. You can do this using a specialized rule template.

In this example, we will use a rule to call MaxMind and determine whether or not the user is fraudulent based on their device fingerprint.


Before connecting your Auth0 app to MaxMind, you must sign up for and configure your account with MaxMind.


To connect your app to MaxMind, you will:

  1. Get your MaxMind credentials

  2. Create and activate a rule in Auth0

Get your MaxMind credentials

First, you will need to retrieve your MaxMind Account ID and generate a License Key. To locate your Account ID, see MaxMind Support. To learn how to generate a License Key, see Generating License Keys for Your Account.

Once you have retrieved your MaxMind Account ID and License Key, keep these values on hand because we will use them in the next step. In particular, keep track of your License Key because MaxMind will display it to you only once--at the time of generation.

Create and activate a rule in Auth0

Set up a rule in Auth0. While setting up your rule, select the Alternate Risk Score template from the Enrich Profile section, then use the following settings:

Variable Value
MINFRAUD_ACCOUNT_ID MaxMind minFraud Account ID.
MINFRAUD_LICENSE_KEY MaxMind minFraud License Key.

By default, your rule will be activated upon save.