Troubleshoot Teams

To ensure undisrupted service, see below to help troubleshoot any issues associated with an Auth0 Teams membership.

Add a missing tenant

If you are on a self-service subscription plan and you don’t see a tenant under your Teams instance, verify the subscription details:

  1. First verify the subscription details by checking the tenant's subscription.

  2. Attempt to link the tenant by following the Link tenants guide.

If the subscription is an Enterprise Agreement but is not part of your Teams instance, contact Auth0 Support to assist in adding the tenant.

Screenshot of what to expect when your tenant subscription is an Enterprise Agreement

Remove an unrecognized admin

If a Tenant administrator is listed as part of a tenant and should not be:

  1. If you are a Team Owner and also the tenant admin for the tenant, access the Auth0 Dashboard for the tenant to remove the admin. To learn more, read Team Member Management.

  2. Request a tenant administrator to remove the admin from the tenant.