Configure Security Policies

Security policies allow team owners to configure and implement authentication rules that adhere to your organization's IT security policies for access to infrastructure systems or applications.

Single Sign On (SSO) enforcement as one of the security policies restricts login access to Teams and the Auth0 Dashboard to your organization's identity provider (IdP).

Access Security Policies

You can access Security Policies by selecting Security from the menu in the Teams Dashboard.

Enforce SSO

To enforce SSO, you’ll need to verify that the enterprise IdP is available, then toggle on the Enforce Single Sign On setting. To do this:

  1. Select Security in the Teams Dashboard.

  2. Verify that the enterprise IdP is available as an active connection.

  3. Ensure that you are logged in as a Team Owner using the active enterprise IdP. If you are not logged in on this connection, you will be unable to toggle Enforce Single Sign On.

  4. Select the Enforce Single Sign On checkbox, then select Save.

  5. Select Confirm to proceed, or select Cancel to exit without applying any changes.