Team Activity

Team Activity allows Team Owners to view audit logs associated to member activities performed on their Auth0 account.

Team Activity report is located under the Reports section of the Teams Dashboard.

Location of Team Activity

Team Activity provides a summary view of the member who generated the event, the event type, and the date the event was generated.

You can select View Details to find more information such as the description of the event, the event status, the IP address of the user who triggered the event, user agent details, and more.

Event types

Team Activity event types are described below.

Event Type Description
Team Invitation Team member invitation created
Team member invitation deleted
Team Member Team member deleted
Team member role updated
Security Policy Security policy updated
Social connections updated
Team Setting Team settings updated

Event schema

Team Activity event schema is described below.

    "id": "string", 
    "team_id": "string",
    "user_id": "string",
    "type": "string",
    "description": "string",
    "status": "string",
    "details": "object",
    "ip": "string",
    "hostname": "string",
    "user_agent": "string",
    "version": "string",
    "created_at": "date",
    "team_slug": "string",
    "user": "object"

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Name Type Description
id string Event log unique identification.
team_id string Unique team identification.
user_id string The unique identifier for the user that generated the event.
type string Event type.
description string Event type summary.
status string Event status. Possible values are Success or Failure.
details object Details of the logged event.
ip string IP address of the user that generated the event log.
hostname string FQDN of the Auth0 App on which the event was performed.
user_agent string Web browser and Device OS type and version.
version string Schema version under which the activity log was generated.
created_at datetime Date and time event log was generated.
team_slug string Unique text team identifier.
user object Contains name, avatar URL, and Team membership status (boolean).

Audit log retention

The retention of Team Activity audit logs varies by plan. Read our Pricing page for more information.