Auth0 Teams

Auth0 Teams

Auth0 Teams provides a single point of visibility and control over your Auth0 resources by providing centralized governance, compliance, and secure collaboration at scale. Teams membership sits on top of the tenant membership account.

The main team member role is referred to as Team Owner and has visibility to all tenants within their Auth0 Account. As an Auth0 Team Owner, you can manage a single tenant or multiple tenants.

The following features are currently available as part of Auth0 Teams:

  • Visibility into tenants and tenant members

  • Visibility and control of Teams members

  • Ability to restrict tenant creation

Auth0 teams let you manage all tenants and administrators

Auth0 Teams currently supports a single Teams instance with all your Enterprise tenant subscriptions.

Team Owners manage and configure the tenants and tenant administrators within the Teams instance. Auth0 creates at least one Owner when we provision your team.

Enable Auth0 Teams

Please contact your Technical Account Manager or Sales Executive to gain access to Auth0 Teams.

Access the Teams Dashboard

If you are a Team Owner, you can use the Teams Dashboard to:

  • Choose who can create new tenants: Team Owners only or all administrators.

  • View all tenants created under your Auth0 subscription or custom agreement.

  • View and invite Team Owners.

To access the Teams Dashboard from any of your tenants:

  1. Select your tenant name from the tenant drop-down menu in the Auth0 Dashboard.

  2. Find your Teams name at the bottom of the menu and select Go to team.

Access the Auth0 Team Dashboard

To access the Teams Dashboard using a URL:

  1. Record the value of the Team Permalink field for the Teams account (located in the account's Settings page).

  2. Navigate to{team-permalink}, replacing team-permalink with that value.

If the option for Teams access isn't visible, try the following:

Possible Cause Action
The current tenant isn’t in Teams. Try switching to a different tenant.
You’re not a Teams owner. Ask a Teams owner to invite you to the team.

View tenants

In the Teams Dashboard, you can view all tenants within your Auth0 custom agreement or subscription. For each tenant, you can review: 

  • Tenant name 

  • Region 

  • Creation date 

  • Environment tag (Development, Staging, or Production) 

  • Tenant administrators

  1. Select Tenants on the left side of the Teams Dashboard.

    Screenshot of Teams Tenant list with updated View Members replacing screenshot showing View Admins

  2. If you’re an administrator for a tenant, select the tenant name to access the tenant. If you are not a tenant administrator, you will not be able to select the tenant.

  3. To review tenant members, select View Members.

Linking tenants allows you to share features and quota limits available within your Team Subscription with the linked tenant. Once linked, that tenants subscriptions will be tied to your Team and you would no longer have to individually manage the subscription for that tenant.

You are able to link tenants to your team, if the following conditions are true:

  • You are an administrator of the tenant you want to link.

  • The tenant is a "Free" tenant. If you are planning on linking a tenant with a different subscription, you would need to downgrade it to Free first.

  • You have a Team Owner role on the team.

If there conditions are met, the tenant will show up as a possible option to link to your team when you select "Link Existing Tenant" from the Tenants page.

Tenant Creation

Team Owners can create a tenant from within the Teams Dashboard, automatically linking the created tenant with the team, including associating the Team Subscription details (available features and quota limits) with the newly created tenant.

You can do this by clicking on the Create New Tenant button on the Tenants page, which will open the Create Tenant form.

Manage Tenant Creation

You can control who can create new tenants under your Auth0 custom agreement or subscription under Team Settings. When creating a new tenant, administrators can:

  • Link the tenant to custom agreement. The new tenant exists under your custom agreement or subscription. It benefits from the same features, counts toward limits, and is visible to Team Owners. or

  • Create a tenant under their personal account. The new tenant is not a part of your Teams' custom agreement or subscription. The administrator who creates the tenant can access it with the same login credentials. 

To allow administrators to link a tenant to a custom agreement, the Team Owner must:

  1. Select Settings on the left side of the Teams Dashboard.


  2. Select the option Allow Tenant Admins to Create Tenants under the Teams Account. If this option is unchecked, then tenant administrators can create personal accounts only.

  3. Select Save.

View Team Subscription Details

You can view Team Subscription details by visiting Subscription tab within the Settings page.

Auth0 Teams Membership

Team Owners can manage and configure Auth0 Teams. Auth0 creates at least one Owner when we provision Teams. We recommend at least two Team Owners, especially if you limit tenant creation to Team Owners.

As a Team Owner, you can add, change, and remove team members. The supported roles apart from a Team Owner are Report Viewer and Contributor.

Team Membership Roles

Team Owner

Members with this role have full access to the team dashboard (list of all tenants, tenant creation restriction, team members management). Can access specific tenants of which they are a member.

Report Viewer

Members with this role can view Quarterly Snapshots and access specific tenants of which they are a member. The Report Viewer role is available to select enterprise customers that are managed by the Digital Technical Account Manager (DTAM).

Contributor (Coming soon)

Members with this role can view and access specific tenants of which they are a member.

View and add Team Members 

  1. On the left side of the Teams Dashboard, select Members.

    A view of Auth0 Team Members on the Teams Dashboard
  2. To invite a new Team Owner, select Invite a Member.

  3. Enter the email address of the member to invite and select the access level.

    Screenshot of Teams Member Invite with Contributor [Coming Soon]

  4. Select Send Invite.

Update Team Name

Teams allow you to update the Team name visible on the tenant picker for dashboard users. To update the Team name:

  1. Select Settings on the left side of the Teams Dashboard.

  2. Make the necessary changes to the Team Name captured within the Team Information section.

  3. Select Save. This change now displays in the tenant picker.

Screen shot used to explain how to update the team name

Configure Security Policies

Security policies allow team owners to configure and implement authentication rules that adhere to your organization's IT security policies for access to infrastructure systems or applications.

Single Sign On (SSO) enforcement as one of the security policies restricts login access to Teams and the Auth0 Dashboard to your organization's identity provider (IdP).

Access Security Policies

You can access Security Policies by selecting Security from the menu in the Teams Dashboard.

Enforce SSO

To enforce SSO, you’ll need to verify that the enterprise IdP is available, then toggle on the Enforce Single Sign On setting. To do this:

  1. Select Security in the Teams Dashboard.

  2. Verify that the enterprise IdP is available as an active connection.

  3. Ensure that you are logged in as a Team Owner using the active enterprise IdP. If you are not logged in on this connection, you will be unable to toggle Enforce Single Sign On.

  4. Select the Enforce Single Sign On checkbox, then select Save.

  5. Select Confirm to proceed, or select Cancel to exit without applying any changes.

Troubleshoot Teams

Add a missing tenant

If you don’t see a tenant under your Teams instance, verify the subscription details:

  1. Check the tenant's subscription in Dashboard > Settings > Subscriptions.

  2. Verify your subscription is an Enterprise Agreement. If not, contact Auth0 Support to change your subscription.

  3. If the subscription is an Enterprise Agreement but is not part of your Teams instance, contact Auth0 Support to add the tenant.

Screenshot of what to expect when your tenant subscription is an Enterprise Agreement

Remove unrecognized tenant

If a tenant is visible under your Teams instance but should not be included, adjust the subscription of the unwanted tenant. To learn more, read Manage Subscription.

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Subscriptions.

  2. Verify the subscription is Free, B2B, or B2C.

  3. If the subscription type is not one of the above:

    1. Downgrade or cancel the tenant.

    2. Contact Auth0 Support to have tenant downgraded or cancelled.

Remove an unrecognized admin

If a Tenant administrator is listed as part of a tenant and should not be:

  1. If you are a Team Owner and also the tenant admin for the tenant, access the Auth0 Dashboard for the tenant to remove the admin. To learn more, read Remove Tenant Members.

  2. Request a tenant administrator to remove the admin from the tenant.

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