AWS API Gateway Tutorial, Part 1: Create an Auth0 API

You will need to configure the APIs consumed by the clients that successfully authorize. You can do so using the APIs section of the Management Dashboard.

Click Create API to create a new API for your integration.

You'll be asked to provide values for the following fields:

Field Description
Name A friendly name for your API. This is the name you'll see in your list of Auth0 APIs
Identifier A logical identifier for your API (we recommend formatting this identifier like a URL https://your-api-gateway)
Signing Algorithm The algorithm you want Auth0 to use to sign the issued Access Tokens

Click Create to proceed.

You can refer to the Settings page for the details of your newly-created API.

Creating an API also creates a Non Interactive Client for use with the API. You can see this client listed as Authorized under the Non Interactive Clients tab. Additionally, you might want to make note of the Client ID, since you will need it in Part 3 of this tutorial.

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