MFA Widget Theme Options

When using your own HTML for MFA pages with Classic Login, it relies on the Auth0 MFA Widget which has the following limitations:

  • It does not support MFA with email.

  • If users enrolled more than one factor, they cannot select which one to use, the MFA widget prompts them to login with the most secure factor.

  • It does not use Universal Login's internationalization features.

The theme options for the MFA Widget are namespaced under the theme property.

Option Description
icon The URL for the imaged used in the header. Default is the Auth0 logo. Recommended height is 58 pixels.
primaryColor Defines the primary color of the MFA widget. Useful when using a custom icon to ensure complimentary colors appear. Default is #ea5323.


return new Auth0MFAWidget({


  theme: {
    icon: '',
    primaryColor: 'blue'

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See a Guardian basic widget example using auth0-guardian.js. See the readme for details.

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