User Profiles Returned from OIDC-Compliant Pipelines

User Profiles Returned from OIDC-Compliant Pipelines


This article describes the user profile that includes only the OpenID Connect (OIDC) standard claims. Use the toggle for information on the Auth0 normalized profile, which might contain information from many identity providers.

When you're using an OIDC-conformant authentication flow, the user profile you receive in return may differ slightly from the Auth0 Normalized User Profile.

The following is a non-normative example of such a response:

   "sub": "248289761001",
   "name": "Jane Doe",
   "given_name": "Jane",
   "family_name": "Doe",
   "middle_name": "",
   "nickname": "",
   "preferred_username": "j.doe",
   "profile": "",
   "picture": "",
   "website": "",
   "email": "",
   "email_verified": true,
   "gender": "female",
   "birthdate": "",
   "zoneinfo": "",
   "locale": "",
   "phone_number": "",
   "phone_number_verified": false,
   "address": {
      "street_address": "",
      "locality": "",
      "region": "",
      "postal_code": "",
      "country": ""
   "updated_at": "",

Retrieve User Profiles using ID Tokens

You can retrieve the user profile by retrieving an ID Token using the Authentication API's oauth/token endpoint or the /userinfo endpoint. Auth0's Lock widget and the Auth0 client-side SDKs also return the OIDC-compliant user profile.

Additionally, the User Profile section of our QuickStarts return user profiles compliant with the OIDC specification. Some of our more popular QuickStarts are:


Parameter Definition
sub unique identifier for the user
name name of the user
given_name the first/given name of the user
family_name the surname/last name of the user
middle_name the middle name of the user
nickname casual name of the user that may/may not be the same as the given_name
preferred_username identifier by which the user wishes to be referred to
profile URL of the user's profile page
picture URL of the user's profile picture
website URL of the user's website/blog
email preferred email address of the user
true if user's email address is verified; else, false
gender gender of the user
birthdate birthday of the user
zoneinfo time zone in which the user is located
locale two-part code representing the end user's language and location (e.g., fr-CA for a user located in Canada and working in French)
phone_number preferred telephone number for the user
true if user's phone number is verified; else, false
JSON Object
preferred postal address of the user
time when the user's profile was last updated