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Time to Market

Many organizations think they need to sacrifice speed in order to get the security and innovation they need to push their business forward.


Customers implement 
in less than one month


Reduction in time to federate enterprise partners

“We would have had to probably delay the projects at least six months to get to a point where we are with Auth0. To implement Auth0, we are talking days, not even weeks.”

Nicolas Dormont VP of Information Systems

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“Auth0 was the only vendor that supports multiple protocols and handled the translation from one protocol to another seamlessly.”

Amol Date Director, CRM & Product Development

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Tech Stack

Integrate rapidly with one of our 65+ SDKs and start using your custom UI or one of Auth0’s customizable, pre-built UIs. Auth0’s comprehensive support of standards lets you connect any application or API to Auth0.

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Security is something you don’t want to get wrong. Let our expert team handle it for you. We follow best practices, including:

  • Underpinning our development with a secure software development lifecycle
  • Third-party penetration testing and code review
  • Continuous vulnerability assessment and automated patching
  • Company-wide information security training and targeted refreshers

“We're absolutely secure with Auth0. We've reviewed everything, and we are fully confident that Auth0 fulfills our security requirements.”

Pierre Alvear Foxler Service Manager, IAM

Learn how our world-class security team, led by CISO Joan Pepin (former security executive at Nike and Sumo Logic), creates a culture of security at Auth0.

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“The combination of the rules and mapping capabilities in the Auth0 platform makes it easy for us to work with any data in any format.”

Cris Concepcion Former Engineering Manager

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You need a platform that is flexible enough to change with your future needs and priorities. You can write your own code or use one of our 100+ pre-built Rules and Extensions to customize the authentication process however you want:

  • Validate and restricting logins by either country, whitelist, or other conditions
  • Enhance user information through external services like FullContact or through progressive profiling
  • Send logging or analytics events when users signup or login to tools like Splunk or Intercom

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We can ensure high availability and resiliency thanks to our advanced infrastructure, disaster recovery systems, and full features whether you’re in the cloud or on-premise — or hybrid.


Monthly Logins Securely Authenticated


Uptime for last 12 months 
for prod. environments

“Auth0’s probably our fastest performing component in our digital set. Onboarding customers live onto the platform and handling quick authentication switches has improved the overall customer experience.”

Heng Mok Enterprise Security Architect


Auth0's Availability & Trust

Availability and Trust Page

Current & historical Auth0 Status

Status Page

“Our team is comprised of 17 engineers, while we have work for over 50. Every minute spent on building and managing identity is an opportunity lost on building software core to our mission.”

Jeremy Syme Director of Systems Engineering

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We’re always looking for new ways to help customers innovate while keeping the focus on their core mission.

  • Implementing disruptive technology is exciting — and it creates best-in-breed products
  • Innovation helps inspire, attract, and retain top talent while boosting a company’s bottom line

Secure access for everyone. But not just anyone.