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Partner Spotlight: YLD

London digital consultancy on why a culture of learning is key to continuous innovation

August 15, 2019

Founded by digital heavyweight Nuno Job, London-based YLD helps the world's leading organizations like Canon, Joyent (now part of Samsung), Microsoft and Google, build digital products used daily by millions.

Before YLD, Job was Chief Commercial Officer at Nodejitsu responsible for the world's largest Node.js cloud. He joined forces with Anthony Mann, an Apple alum and founder of digital product agency, Make Us Proud, now part of YLD. Together they are building a software engineering and design consultancy focused on continuous innovation.

"We embed ourselves within our clients' teams to ensure they learn and develop the capabilities to succeed well beyond our engagement," says Job. "This is how we achieve our goal of helping the world's leading companies stay ahead of the curve."

YLD actively contributes to the open source community (check them out on Github and StackOverflow), proud members of OS foundations, and run meetups and tech conferences to teach new skills to current and prospective clients.

At Auth0, we are democratizing identity knowledge — see our Learn Identity video series and Identicons, an open-source visual language for identity. YLD is a natural partner for us, and we recently hosted a joint training on how to build a React Native App with Auth0 integration in two days.

Here we explore two case studies where we worked together to help a joint customer and YLD employees succeed in their digital business strategies.

Customer Case Study: Gula Adds Auth0 to iOS and Android Apps in One Day

YLD put their culture of learning into practice by creating YLD Labs, a subsidiary company focused on ventures. Their newest venture project is Gula, a mobile app that offers video consultations with a local vet. The app enables timely, affordable, and relevant healthcare that addresses pet health problems and improves owner understanding of their pet.

YLD built Gula using React Native and chose Auth0 to cut time to market and offer a great customer experience. Auth0 Rules allowed YLD to deeply integrate user signup with Gula's app with no infrastructure needed. Using Auth0, they implemented authentication in Gula's iOS and Android apps in one day.

Auth0 also allowed Gula to offer social login with Google and Facebook with no extra effort.

Gula's login using Social Login by Auth0

Thanks to Auth0 and React Native, Gula went from an idea to an app in the hands of consumers in less than two months. The customisable solutions will allow them to swiftly manage change and support additional login capabilities, like Sign In with Apple.

Employee Case Study: YLD Builds Product Management Tool in Weeks Using Auth0 and PouchDb

With a culture of continuous innovation, YLD is always pushing themselves to improve internal processes by applying emerging technologies. By investing in Auth0 they were able provide frictionless authentication for several employee tools including a product management tool, called the "confidence framework," and a budget manager.

The confidence framework tool is a product management web app that incorporates the core concepts of a product management framework developed by YLD. Using Auth0 and PouchDb, YLD built a working prototype of this tool in weeks. It leverages auth0.WebAuth, allows users to sign in with their company Google email, and is now used by YLD employees at client projects.

Product Management Tool YLD built with Auth0 and PouchDb

Additionally, YLD built a budget manager that leverages auth0.WebAuth, allows users to sign in with their company Google email, and restricts sign-ups to relevant employees. This tool enables employees across the business to access the budget for their department and the finance team to manage all budgets. Auth0 enabled YLD to create access control rules easily and in very little time.

YLD created access control rules with Auth0

Digital Business Requires Continuous Innovation

According to KPMG, 71% of 1,000 UK workers agree that embracing digital transformation is a key priority at their workplace. But becoming a truly digital business is not a quick-fix or one-time project. It requires a company-wide commitment to empowering people with the right tools, skills, and knowledge to succeed today and tomorrow, and Auth0 and YLD can help.

To learn more about how Auth0 and YLD can support your specific project or digital transformation, contact an Auth0 resource.

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