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Okta Customer Identity Cloud Adds Security Center to Enterprise Plan

New feature provides real-time monitoring of potential identity security events and threat response efficacy

May 10, 2023

Okta Customer Identity Cloud (powered by Auth0) today announced the general availability of Security Center, a new feature that helps enterprise customers optimize their identity security posture by leveraging insights from Okta Customer Identity Cloud to provide a single view of authentication events, potential security incidents, and threat response efficacy. It includes real-time data on companies’ current state of attack protection, out-of-the-box threat monitoring on major identity attack vectors, and application-level visibility into authentication traffic.

Determining whether an organization’s identity security posture is too restrictive or too lax is not trivial. Customers currently need to parse through logs 3rd party tools or build their own, which requires expert-level experience to effectively identify attacks and be ready to respond to them. Security Center provides an improved way to visualize this type of data directly from the Okta Customer Identity Cloud.

Security Center leverages Okta Customer Identity Cloud security insights to provide CISOs, Security Operations Professionals, and Identity teams a faster way to detect and respond to identity threats. It provides a streamlined view of authentication events, potential incidents, and threat response efficacy, allowing them to optimize their security posture without having to risk their bottom line after going through the learning curve themselves.

Attack Protection

“Accurate detection alone doesn’t ensure threat response is appropriate to the level of risk, given other business objectives like customer acquisition, retention, and growth,” said Jameeka Aaron, Chief Information Security Officer, Customer Identity at Okta. “As attacks against identity flows get more sophisticated and evolve to bypass detection, security teams often have to go through a learning curve on their own production environments, which can mean delayed detection of attacks and consequent business losses. Security Center leverages our focused expertise in identity security and packages it in a way that security operations professionals can understand and take action.”

Account takeover attacks targeting everything from sensitive healthcare data to loyalty points are one of the most common and costly cyber threats. Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) found that 80% of corporate breaches involve compromised identity solutions*. Security Center takes the work out of building your own tooling to identify and be able to respond to identity threats in a timely manner. Customers can understand their identity security landscape with summary visualization of major attack types, authentication events, and threat monitoring.

Security Center also allows companies to measure user experience impacts of Attack Protection features. Consumer-facing apps must balance security with user experience by minimizing friction while maintaining appropriate protection against identity attacks. Security Center shows app owners in near-real time UX effects of defense tactics, allowing them to adjust security and friction as appropriate to their situation. Companies can fine-tune their attack protection strategy by seeing in near real-time how defense tactics like MFA, rate limiting, and CAPTCHA affect their applications.

Security Center is available for all Enterprise customers. Learn more about implementing Security Center here.

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