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Upcoming Pricing Changes for the Customer Identity Cloud

Introducing new pricing plans to support greater flexibility for our customer’s business needs

September 14, 2023

Here at Auth0 by Okta, we understand the importance of customization, accessibility, and quick implementation. We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re excited to share with you our updated and revamped Auth0 by Okta plan offerings.

Effective October 25, 2023, we are launching changes to our plan offerings and pricing structure. These changes will include the introduction of Auth0 Teams; updated tenant limits, including the ability to consolidate tenants, and price adjustments for new plans. In addition, we’re offering multi-factor authentication (MFA) add-ons, enterprise connection limits, and higher Monthly Active Users (MAU) limits through our “Let’s Chat” form.

It’s important to note that we are not making changes to any existing plans as a part of this update. However, if changes are made to a current plan or a new tenant is created, our new plan and pricing structure will be applicable.

Introducing Auth0 Teams:

We understand at times, it’s difficult to manage resource access and keep track of multiple tenants. Auth0 Teams aggregates usage across all tenants for seamless oversight. The addition of this feature will enable the management of administrators and multiple tenants from a single, centralized location.

What are the new tenant limits?

New tenant limits are being introduced to our new plans.

These limits will be displayed on both our pricing page and in your tenant’s subscription settings.

Features 1 Can only be purchased by contacting our Sales team directly or via the “Contact Sales” form.
2 Previously, each tenant was a separate subscription, so only one tenant of any type was allowed per plan.

How is this different from the current Auth0 by Okta offerings?

As a part of this pricing change, customers will have the opportunity to link multiple tenants to the same subscription. Usage will be aggregated across tenants and will be billed at the subscription level. This allows customers with development and staging tenants to have access to the same features within said tenants without having to purchase additional subscriptions. Along with these changes, we’re also introducing official tenant limits that align with the positioning of our various offerings.

Additional Feature Offerings

Effective October 25, 2023

Enterprise MFA Add-ons:

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) can block 99.9% of account hacking attacks. So, without being too obvious, implementing MFA within your Identity solution is pretty important. It’s imperative to prevent credential-based attacks, and we want to make it easier for our customers to have access to this security feature. And so we’re introducing Enterprise MFA Lite.

Auth0 by Okta now allows you to use additional MFA capabilities that were previously only available to enterprise customers. Enterprise MFA Lite allows you to add any MFA factor to Professional Plans for an additional fee. This includes the support of SMS and push & voice notifications (SMS charges for MFA are charged separately by carriers supported by Auth0 by Okta). Under Enterprise MFA Lite, subscriptions will be limited to one MFA factor on the subscription. This enhancement will give broader access to additional MFA protocols to support a wider range of use cases.

Enterprise Connection Limits:

Enterprise connection limits are increasing from three connections to five connections on the B2B Professional Plan. This will allow for more of our SaaS customers to scale better. As a reminder, there is no limit on Okta enterprise connections for customers on all of our B2B plans.

Monthly Active Users (MAU) Tiers:

We are introducing Essential and Professional MAU tiers above the current 7,000 and 10,000 MAU limits on B2B and B2C Plans, respectively. This change will allow you to better evaluate cost as you anticipate scaling on the Auth0 by Okta platform.

Again, if you would like to take advantage of these options, please contact our team by completing this form.

Pricing & Payment Updates

Effective October 25, 2023

We last updated our Essentials and Professional plan pricing in May of 2021. With the above changes, the following pricing updates will take effect on October 25, 2023. Keep in mind this only applies to new sign-ups and any subscription changes.

  • B2C Essentials pricing will now start at $35/Mo for 500 MAU, up from $23/mo for 1,000 MAU.
  • B2B essentials prices will now start at $150/Mo, up from $130/Mo for 500 MAU
  • B2C Professional prices will stay the same, starting at $240/Mo for 1,000 MAU
  • B2B Professional will now only be available by invoice via our sales team rather than a credit card.

As a part of our price adjustment on B2C Essentials, we’re looking to create transparency with regard to the scaling prices on our platform. While the scaling rate of B2C Essentials is increasing, we’re also committed to allowing customers to stay on their chosen plan for longer with more predictable pricing. This will be achieved by eliminating our maximum MAU tier limit on our self-service plans.

Payment options

With the above changes, we are committed and will continue to support customers who want to pay us monthly through their credit cards on plan tiers that previously supported this functionality. We will now also allow customers with a yearly spend of over $10,000 to contact our sales team to purchase an annual contract paid via invoice.

Keep in mind any new tenants created will be subject to the new pricing structure outlined above.

Reminder: These updates will take effect on October 25th, 2023.


  • Will the free plan still be available after October 25th, 2023?
    • Yes, the free plan will continue to be available.
  • What’s the benefit of grouping tenants?
    • All of your tenants can be managed in one place.
    • Entitlements, usage, etc. will be viewed together.
    • Increased security.
  • What is an Auth0 Team?
    • Provides a single point of visibility and control over your Auth0 by Okta resources by providing centralized governance, compliance, and secure collaboration at scale. More information about Auth0 Teams can be found here.
  • What if I have multiple plans?
  • Can I stay on my current plan?
    • Yes, assuming you are using one tenant and are within your usage limits, you can stay on your current plan.
    • We will provide you with at least 90 days' notice if we decide to move existing customers to the new plan structure.
  • Where can I find the new Terms of Service?
    • Our updated Terms of Service can be found here.
  • I’m on an enterprise plan, and I have a self-service tenant(s) as well. Do I have to move those to my enterprise plan?
    • Yes, and it will be more beneficial for you to manage all tenants under a single account that has enterprise capabilities.
  • Can I pay by invoice now rather than by credit card?
    • Yes, for plans above $10,000/year, you can sign a contract and pay by invoice rather than by credit card. To take advantage of this, please contact us.
  • What happens if I have more than 7 admins?
    • New plans released on October 25 will only get up to 7 admins.
  • Can I get more than 10K MAUs on a self-service plan?
    • Yes, we now include MAU tiers beyond 10K MAU
  • Which MFA factors can be used with the Enterprise MFA add-on on professional plans?

✅ Included

  • SMS Notifications
  • Push Notifications
  • Voice Notifications

❌ Not Included

  • WebAuthn with security keys
  • WebAuthn with device biometrics
  • Email Notifications

  • Can you outline the specific changes in comparison to the previous plans?


1 Can only be purchased by contacting our Sales team directly or via the “Contact Sales” form.
2 Previously, each tenant was a separate subscription, so only one tenant of any type was allowed per plan.

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