The vault lets you securely store secrets or common settings (for example: API keys, access tokens, refresh tokens) to authenticate requests with external services or integrations as connections.

Add connections

Connections can be added directly from Flows when an integration requires a connection.

For example, to add a connection to the Twilio integration, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Auth0 Dashboard, navigate to Actions > Forms > Flows.

  2. Select the flow, and select the Twilio integration.

  3. Select the + Icon from the connection setting of the action.

    • Dashboard > Forms > Vault

  4. Enter the credentials. If you don’t have your specific credentials, you can select Create an empty connection and add your credentials later. Empty connections have an orange icon indicating missing credentials.

    • Dashboard > Forms > Vault > Twilio connection settings

  5. Add a Connection name.

  6. Select Add connection.

Edit existing connections

You can edit existing connections directly from a flow integration or from the vault editor.

Dashboard > Forms > Vault
  1. From a flow integration, select Connection > Options > Manage connection.

  2. From the vault editor, select {tenantName} > Vault  from the top right corner of the Dashboard > Actions > Forms editor. You can see the existing connections grouped by integrations, and can select add, rename, reconnect or delete connections.