Configuring Twilio for Guardian SMS

When initially setting up SMS, you have up to 100 SMS to be used for testing. This limit can be removed by setting up a Twilio account. To prevent malicious login attempts, your users will always be limited to up to 10 SMS/Hour (replenishing one message an hour, up to 10).

Click on the SMS box to configure your SMS settings.

1. Open an account with Twilio

You will need a Twilio Account SID and a Twilio Auth Token. These are the Twilio API credentials that Auth0 will use to send an SMS to the user. You may also need to enable permissions for your geographic region.

2. Configure the connection

Enter your Twilio Account SID and Twilio Auth Token in the appropriate fields.

Choose your SMS Source.

  • If you choose Use From, you will need to enter the From phone number that users will see as the sender of the SMS. You may also configure this in Twilio.

  • If you choose Use Copilot, you will need to enter a Copilot SID.

Click SAVE.