Create Custom Enrollment Tickets

Create Custom Enrollment Tickets

You can manage users' enrollments by creating enrollment tickets via the MFA API /Guardian/post_ticket endpoint. This API will return an enrollment ticket containing a ticket_id and a ticket_url, which can be used to enroll a user. The ticket_url can be delivered to the user (for example, via email) and used to kick off the enrollment process. Tickets expire after 5 days.

If you are using the Classic Universal Login experience and you need to customize how the page looks when the user navigates to the ticket_url, you can edit the MFA page. Go to the Dashboard > Branding > Universal Login > Multi-factor Authentication tab, and modify the ticket variable. Here is an example:

{% if ticket %}
<h4 class="message">Welcome, {{ }}, enroll your device below</h4>
{% else %}
<h4 class="message">Welcome back, {{ }}, authenticate below</h4>
{% endif %}

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