Connect your app to Instagram

This article describes how to add functionality to your app that will allow your user to log in with Instagram.

First you need to connect your Auth0 application to Instagram. This is summarized in the following steps:

  • Follow all the steps required by the Graph API in order to register a new client
  • Get the Client ID and Client Secret for your new client from the Facebook Developers page
  • Copy these keys into your Auth0 settings
  • Enable the Instagram social connection in Auth0

1. Configure the Instagram Graph API

To register your app with the Graph API and get the credentials for your client, refer to the Facebook's documentation: Getting Started with the Instagram Graph API.

Once you are done you should have two pieces of information: the Client ID and Client Secret for your app.

2. Set the credentials in the Dashboard

  1. Go to Dashboard > Connections > Social
  2. Select Instagram
  3. Copy the Client Id and Client Secret from the Developer portal into the corresponding fields on this page
  4. Select the Permissions you want to enable.
  5. Click SAVE.

3. Enable the connection

Go to the Apps tab of the Instagram connection on Auth0 and select each of your existing Auth0 apps for which you want to enable this connection:

4. Test the connection

Close the Settings window to return to the Connections > Social section of the Auth0 dashboard.

A TRY icon will now be displayed next to the Instagram logo:

Click TRY.

Click Authorize to allow your app access.

If you have configured everything correctly, you will see the It works!!! page: