Connect Apps to Instagram

You can add functionality to your web app that allows your users to log in with Instagram.

Instagram hass deprecated their legacy APIs in favor of the new Instagram Graph API, which requires users to authenticate using Facebook Login.


Before you connect your Auth0 app to Instagram, you must have a Facebook Developer account. Follow the instructions in Getting Started with the Instagram Graph API. You must get an access token that allows you to access the Facebook API.


To connect your app to Instagram, you will:

  1. Set up your app with the Graph API
  2. Create and enable a connection in Auth0
  3. Test the connection

Set up your app with the Graph API

  1. Log in to the Facebook Developer portal.
  2. Follow steps for App Development to register your app.
  3. Add Facebook Login to your app in the App Dashboard.
  4. On the Facebook Login > Settings page, under Valid Oauth Redirect URIs, enter your callback URL: https://YOUR_DOMAIN/login/callback

You can also set a Deauthorize Callback URL that will be called when a user deauthorizes your app.

Find your Auth0 domain name for redirects

If your Auth0 domain name is not shown above and you are not using our custom domains feature, your domain name is your tenant name, your regional subdomain (unless your tenant is in the US region and was created before June 2020), For example, if your tenant name were exampleco-enterprises, your Auth0 domain name would be and your redirect URI would be (If your tenant is in the US and was created before June 2020, then your domain name would be

If you are using custom domains, your redirect URI will have the following format: https://<YOUR CUSTOM DOMAIN>/login/callback.

If your application requests sensitive permissions, it may be subject to review by Facebook. Only the default and email permissions do not currently require app review. For info on Facebook permissions, see Facebook's Facebook Login Permissions Reference.

Once you are done you should have two pieces of information: the Client ID and Client Secret for your app.

Create and enable a connection in Auth0

Set up the Instagram social connection in Auth0. Make sure you have the generated Client ID and Client Secret.

Test the connection

You're ready to test your connection. After logging in, you'll be prompted to allow your app access. To do so, click Install unlisted app.