Facebook Social Context Field Deprecation

As of July 30, 2020, Facebook connections that request the context field will fail, so Auth0 will stop requesting it for all connections.

On April 30th Facebook deprecated the use of the Social Context field for new applications. Auth0 continued to request that field by default for Facebook connections created before April 30, 2019. You can make sure the field is not requested before July 30 by unchecking the Social context field in the User Data connection section:

Facebook Context Field Deprecation

Once you uncheck Social context, the profile data will not include the context field. The field has the following content:

"context": {
      "mutual_likes": {"data": [],"summary": {"total_count": 0}},
      "id": "dXNlcl9...UZD"

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If you are not using the context field in the Facebook profile returned by Auth0 in your application, then your application will keep working without changes. Otherwise, you will need to adjust your application code so it does not rely on it.

To ensure that your application is not affected on July 30 we recommend that you uncheck the Social context field in the Facebook connection properties.