Migrate from Google to Firebase Cloud Messaging

As of April 11, 2019, Google deprecated and replaced Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).

Features affected

Auth0’s Guardian SDKs for iOS and Android help you to create custom mobile apps with Guardian functionality, providing secure access to multi-factor authentication (MFA) with push notifications.

Auth0's Guardian Android SDK library was built to send push notifications using GCM. Note that existing applications should keep working as-is.


See Google’s documentation to learn how to migrate from GCM to FCM.

The main difference between how you send notifications to GCM and FCM is in the payload received in the notification. While it was possible for existing customers using the Android SDK to adapt the payload received before calling the SDK method, we have upgraded the library so it accepts the new payload, making it simpler to adopt FCM. More details here.

The Guardian Android SDK 0.4.0 version is already available in Maven Central and includes this change. The sample application was also upgraded, so it can be tested by providing the google-services.json file and a guardian-url.