Migrate from oracledb extensibility features

As of June 21, 2023, Auth0 will no longer support connecting to Oracle Databases from Node.js in Extensibility features. Auth0 previously supported connecting to Oracle Databases via the oracledb Node.js module.

Affected workflows

Review your Extensibility features for code that contains require(oracledb) or  require('oracledb@4.2.0').

Review the following flows or features that allow extensibility code for references to oracledb:

There is no official planned replacement for this feature. Auth0 recommends replacing the oracledb logic to a separate service within your own infrastructure. After you create the service in your infrastructure, you can use an Extensibility function to make an HTTP request to trigger the Oracle Database logic. 

To learn more about how to implement the oracledb module in your own infrastructure, review the OracleDB Quickstart guide.

For example, in a Custom Database Login script using oracledb, remove the function that calls oracledb with a generic HTTP client to capture the response.

For more information on creating Actions or migrating to Actions, review the Auth0 documentation.