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What to Expect When Your Auth0 Startup Plan Expires?

After your startup plan expires, here’s what to keep in mind and what to do next.

Last Updated On: July 11, 2024

This blog post is intended for graduates of our Auth0 for Startups program. If you’re interested in learning more about this program or want to apply, check your eligibility here .

We’re excited to see you graduate from the Startup plan! Let’s walk through everything you need to know as you transition onto a new plan.

Two Months before Your Plan Expires

You’ll receive an email from the Auth0 for Startups team including your “startup plan's expiration date” and next steps (which we’ll get into shortly).

Before Your Plan Expires

Before your plan expires, you should select which plan you want to switch to. You can base this decision on your current usage found on the Quota Utilization page. To check all of the pricing options, head to the Pricing Page.

Before Your Plan Expires

When Your Plan Expires

On the day that your plan expires, you will be automatically transferred over to the Free plan. This transition should not disrupt your current setup or your customer’s login experience, but please review the FAQs below if you have any questions. You will receive a notification of your plan expiration, at which point you can move onto the selected plan.

On or after 10AM Pacific time you'll be able to upgrade to the Auth0 plan of your choice via the Manage Subscriptions page. We strongly recommend that you upgrade within 48 hours to ensure a smooth transition.

If you decide to stay on the Free plan, just keep in mind that it might not include all of the features you’re currently using. Please review the FAQs below for more details.

After Your Plan Expires

After your plan expires, you can activate your selected plan within your Auth0 Dashboard Settings in the Subscriptions tab. If you have multiple tenants, follow these instructions to link your tenants to your plan.

After Your Plan Expires

We’re here to support you so let us know if you have any questions! Or to learn more about the pricing plans, reach out to our Sales team here.


Can I move onto a paid self-service plan before my startup plan’s expiration?

We ask that you wait until 10AM Pacific time on your startup plan’s expiration date before moving onto a paid self-service plan, as our team has to move you off the startup plan before you can make changes yourself.

Which plan should I choose?

  • We’ve put together this guide for comparing Auth0’s various plan options.
  • If you are using more than 1,000 M2M tokens each month, we recommend upgrading to a paid plan with a higher quota before hitting the 1,000 M2M token limit that is systematically limited on the Free plan. Not sure what your current M2M usage is? Here are instructions on how to access this information.

Why can’t I change the type of my plan on the Subscription Management page?

If your subscription type is listed as “Enterprise Agreement” on the Subscription Management page, you’ll need to wait until we move you off the startup plan before being able to select a new plan.

How will transitioning off the startup plan affect my Auth0 tenant?

  • The transition from the startup plan to the Free plan should not cause any disruption in service for your users. However, there are a few changes worth noting:
  • If you’re using features that aren’t included with the free plan (e.g., Pro MFA) or exceeding the quotas offered with the free plan (e.g., Monthly Active Users), your tenant will be considered over quota. To resolve this, upgrade to a paid plan that best suits your use case and business needs;
  • The Free plan adds a small watermark with the Auth0 badge on the bottom of your login page, which will be removed as soon as you move to a paid plan;
  • The Free plan will prevent you from modifying certain features that were available on the startup plan (e.g., Custom Domains, Session Lifetime Limits), but those features will continue functioning on the Free plan, and you will be able to modify them again as soon as you move to a paid plan that includes them.
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