Monitor Subscription Usage

Your Auth0 subscription plan determines the user limits and features are that are available for you.

Quota utilization

You can view subscription utilization information from Auth0 Support Center by visiting Reports > Quota Utilization. The subscription utilization information is available with the following details:

  • User Consumption

    • Active Users

  • Feature Consumption

    • Enterprise Connections

    • Machine to Machine Authentication

    • Multi-factor Authentication

Reports showing subscription feature usage

Each high level summary card shows the current month utilization against the available subscription limit. It also offers a drill down interaction (by clicking the card) to view further details such as breakdown of usage by Auth0 Private Instance (if applicable) and Tenant for up to past 12 months.

There is also an option to download a CSV to export this data if required.

Active Users

You can use this to get a count of unique users with an active event (login or signup) for a given calendar month. There is an ability to drill down and get a breakup of these active users by a Tenant and Private Auth0 Instance (if applicable) for up to 12 past months.

Enterprise connections

An Enterprise connection is considered active if (during the current month) it has both:

  • Been enabled for an application.

  • Had user activity (for example, login, sign-up, or token exchange).

If an Enterprise connection was never enabled for any application, or was enabled but did not have any user activity during the current month, it is not considered active.

You can use this report to get a count of active enterprise connections for a given calendar month with an breakdown of active connections by Private Auth0 Instance (if applicable) as well as count of active users by an active enterprise connection and tenant.

Machine to Machine Auth

This report provides a count of access tokens issued for the Client Credentials Flow, also referred to as API Authentication Calls, per calendar month excluding any tokens issued for Auth0 Management API.

You can view the count of Authentication Calls by Private Auth0 Instance (if applicable) and Tenant.

For tenants in Auth0 Public Cloud deployment option the report also provides a breakdown of Authentication Calls by Tenant Application for the past 7 days.

Multi-factor Auth

There are two reports for Multi-factor Auth (MFA) usage which present a count of MFA events (enrolments or challenges) by calendar month.

Enterprise MFA counts are MFA events related to push notifications, WebAuthn and one-time codes generated by SMS, Email or Phone. Pro MFA counts are MFA events related to one-time code apps like Google Authentication or Cisco DUO.

Both these report types provide a breakdown of MFA counts by Auth0 Private Instance* (if applicable) and Tenant.

*Auth0 Private Instance MFA usage is only available since 1st January 2023.

Tenant Usage

You can view total and active user counts by calendar month from Auth0 Support Center for a given tenant by visiting Reports > Usage, and selecting a Subscription (and a Tenant for self-service subscriptions). This would provide the following breakdown:

  • Active Users: Count of active users by month and user type (Social, Password, Passwordless, Enterprise) along with a Total Active count.

  • Active Users by Tenant: Count of active users by month, tenant, and user type (Social, Password, Passwordless, Enterprise) along with a Total Active count.

  • Total Users by Tenant

Support Center -> Reports -> Usage

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