Delete or Reset Tenants

Delete or Reset Tenants

Delete tenants

To completely remove a tenant, we recommend deleting it. This option is useful if you have created a test or demo tenant that you won't be using again, so you don't care about keeping your tenant name. If you've deleted your tenant, and you require the use of a particular domain name, we recommend configuring a custom domain name for your new tenant.

This process deletes only one tenant. If you have other tenants that need to be removed, you will need to repeat these steps for each tenant. If you are an Enterprise customer or have a paid subscription, please review our caveats before proceeding.

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.

  2. Select Settings to open the Tenant Settings page.

  3. Select the Advanced tab.

  4. Scroll to the Danger Zone at the bottom of the page and click Delete.

Enterprise subscribers

If you are an Enterprise customer, you may have multiple child tenants as part of your Auth0 contract. While it is not possible to delete the main tenant from the dashboard (you will need to contact support for that), the child tenants can be deleted at any time. Rest assured that if you choose to delete a child tenant, this will have no impact on your agreement with Auth0. We recommend speaking with your Technical Account Manager if you have any concerns about your Enterprise agreement.

If you have a paid subscription with one or more child tenants, deleting the main subscription is not possible from the Dashboard. Please contact support for that. It is possible to delete child tenants from the Dashboard, and deleting such tenants should have no impact on your subscription plan. This is because activity and usage on child tenants counts toward the main tenant's activity and usage limitations.

Tenant restoration not supported

Deleted tenants cannot be restored and the tenant name cannot be reused again when creating a new tenant. Before you delete a tenant, consider the following options:

If you've deleted your tenant and you require the use of a domain name, we recommend configuring a custom domain name for your new tenant.

Reset tenant configuration

If you want to keep your tenant name, we recommend resetting your tenant by using the Deploy CLI Tool to remove any unwanted items. This will return your tenant to its initial state and retain your tenant name.

To reset your tenant to its initial state, use the Deploy CLI Tool. This creates a clean environment for deployment or test purposes and removes unwanted items.

  1. Install the a0deploy tool by running the following in your command line interface: npm i -g auth0-deploy-cli

  2. Get a snapshot of the state you would like to preserve: a0deploy export --config_file config.json --format yaml --output_folder ./

  3. Update the configuration file used for the import.

  4. Update your tenant with its stored state: a0deploy import --config_file config.json --format yaml --input_file ./tenant.yaml

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