Introduction to Flows

Flows are the visual representation of the server-side logic that occurs when a form is processed. Flows consist of a series of actions that you can add and configure as necessary. For every form created, you can create a new flow or share a flow among different forms.

Dashboard > Forms > Flows

Add Flow nodes

You can add Flow nodes to add integrations and server-side logic to your form. 

To add a Flow node to a form:

  1. Go to the Form editor.

  2. On the bottom of the form editor, click on Flow.

  3. Link the new Flow node to the appropriate nodes. 

  4. Select Click to add a flow.

  5. Select Create a new flow, name it, and select Create.

  6. Select Publish to save the form.

Configure a Flow

Configure the Flow node to add integrations.

  1. Select the Flow node.

  2. Select Edit Flow to open and configure the flow in a new tab.

  3. To add actions, click the + icon to select from a list of actions.

Flow scenarios

Flow scenarios let you add server-side logic to your Form, such as between a multi-step form, before form submission and after form submission.

These are the Flow scenarios:

Between a multi-step form

These flows run between form steps when the user clicks on a continue button.

Dashboard > Forms > Flows > Multi-step form flow scenario

Before form submission

These flows run after a user submits a form, but before the user receives a failure or success response.

Dashboard >  Forms > Flows > Before form submission flow scenario

After form submission

These flows run after the user successfully submits a form.

Dashboard > Forms > Flows > After form submission flow scenario