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Auth0 Sprint Onboarding


Welcome to Sprint Onboarding

logo-guardian-heroBy now you should have received confirmation your accounts are provisioned and a customer success manager has sent you a link to your success plan.  Below are the steps you should take to complete the orientation tasks in the success plan.


Support Forum

All customers are encouraged to use our support forum to receive support from our engineers and search existing questions and answers.  This is the best method of support for non-critical issues and general queries.

Your tasks:

  • Create an account on the forum

Support Center 

Support Center is the window into Auth0’s comprehensive docs and support team.  It should always be your first port of call for raising standard or critical issues related to production or blocking your progress in moving to production.

Your tasks:

Auth0 Status

This site shows you information about current cloud service availability or details of any known incidents.

Your tasks:

  • Subscribe to alerts so you’re aware of any incidents.  Go to the site and click the “Subscribe to Updates” button.

Information & Policies

Release notes

Stay up to date with updates made to our public cloud service.

Your tasks:

  • Bookmark the release notes and from time to time take a look – it can help you discover something new or explain a change you noticed.

Operational Policies

There are a number of policies and requirements you should be aware of as you onboard and throughout the development lifecycle.  Being aware of the policies will reduce issues caused by inadvertently breaking them.

Your tasks:

  • Ensure you/your team has read and understood the following policies, and bookmark for future reference and updates.

Readiness & Learning

Auth0 is an extensible platform that can be used in many ways.  The resources here aren’t designed to address every possible use case or configuration but rather provide you with the basic overview of a variety of topics.  This is best suited if you’re fairly new to Auth0, or for others in your team that may be working with Auth0 in the future.

Auth0 Foundations

These are some of the core concepts to understand and help you get up and running with maximum effectiveness and minimal issues.

  • Common Architecture Scenarios – This doc describes the typical architecture scenarios we have identified when working with customers on implementing Auth0, and points to resources relevant to each.
  • Auth0 101 – Learn about how easy it is to integrate Auth0 in your application and how to implement the different features Auth0 provides in a breeze. (5 x ~5-minute video.)
  • Getting started with Auth0 Lock – Auth0 Lock widget is a beautifully designed, all-in-one, embeddable login box for your apps.  (3 x ~5-minute video.)
  • Developer Overview – This video is a slightly deeper dive for developers and will show you how easy it is to add Auth0 to your application. You will also see how to customize Auth0 to meet the exact needs of your solution.  (1 x ~20-minute video.)
  • Rules Overview  – This developer focussed video will show you to use Rules to customize and extend the Auth0 platform, including customizing user profile, adding authorization, and integrating with external services all with a few lines of JavaScript. (1 x ~15-minute video.)
  • Understanding sessions and cookies – This developer focussed video will help you better understand how Auth0 works with sessions and cookies in a traditional web application.  (1 x ~10-minute video.)


Take a deeper dive into more specific guidance across different frameworks, languages, standards, protocols and other concepts.

  • JWT 101 – In this video, you’ll hear about JWT, what are they, how are they structured and its uses. We will write a small Node application that generates JWTs and show you how they’re used in the debugger.  (1 x ~20-minute video.)
  • OAuth 101 – OAuth is a specification that allows users to delegate access to their data without sharing their username and password with that service. In this video we will see why you as a developer should care about it.  (1 x ~60-minute video.)
  • Angular JS Authentication – In this course we are going to learn about the challenges associated with traditional authentication and how to use what is arguably the best alternative: the JSON Web Token (14 x ~10-minute videos.)

What's next?

schneider-conclusionRecord your progress in the Success Plan as you work through these orientation tasks.  Once you’ve completed the required items in the Success Plan, a customer success manager will reach out to confirm the plan and continue to ensure you’re tracking to it.  Good times ahead!

Sprint Onboarding Technical Guidance

catalog-identity-industry-standards-heroRegister for the next Sprint Onboarding Technical Guidance online session here.  Fill out the Technical Guidance tab in your success plan and the Customer Success Engineers running the session will do their best to cover.