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Management API v1 Use Cases

Currently, there are API features and functionality that are only available in the Management API v1. If your business process or configuration requires these features, please continue to use the API v1. Otherwise, we recommend that you use the new version instead.

The features only available in Management API v1 include:

Create Objective-C Bridging Header

Active Directory Connector Monitoring

In Management API v1, there is a GET endpoint that allows you to monitor the status of your Active Directory Connector:

GET /api/connections/{AUTH0_CONNECTION}/socket

Use Lock

Application Users

With Management API v1, after authenticating with the client_id and client_secret of an application, you can make a GET call to the appropriate Users endpoint to return only those users that belong to any specified application connection that is enabled for that application.



With Management API v1, you can use the PATCH email endpoint to update email templates as part of your automation process.


Enterprise Users/Directory Searching

Management API v1 allows you to search directly for users authenticated using enterprise connections, such as Active Directory or Azure Active Directory.

Rules Configuration

Management API v1 allows you to add values to a global configuration object that is accessible to all Rules.

  • To return all key/value pairs on the global configuration object: GET /api/rules-configs
  • To create or update a global configuration object: POST /api/rules-configs

Searching via the PSaaS Appliance

In Management API v1, you can perform a "starts with" search for users by name or email:


This functionality works for both cloud instances and the PSaaS Appliance.

In Management API v2, the search operates with reduced functionality and does not currently support the Lucene query syntax.