Tenant Restoration Policy

The following policy governs requests for restoration of Auth0 tenants that were previously deleted.

If you are considering deleting your tenant, please see our Resetting/Deleting Tenant page for alternative options.

A customer may request a tenant restoration if the tenant was deleted by human error and restoration is critical for the continuity of customer's operations. Please note that before deleting a tenant, from the Auth0 Dashboard, a warning explains that this cannot be undone. However, in some cases we might opt for support this kind of request.


  • We support tenant restoration for all paying customers.

  • Tenant restoration is not supported for non-paying customers.

  • The restoration can take up to seven days, for paying customers.

  • Tenant restoration will be allowed if the request is made before 20 days have passed from the date the tenant was deleted.

How to request

  • Customers must file a tenant restoration request in writing, via the Auth0 support center or via email.

  • Please specify the name that the deleted tenant had and the region where it belonged.

  • A member of the Auth0 team will respond your request.